Antivibration rubber block damper


Supply Antivibration rubber block damper,exported by China manufacturer.

Description: High elastic rubber cushion;
Product material: vulcanized rubber;
Product functions: shock absorption, cushioning, wear-resistant, non-slip,High voltage insulation;
Product parameters: Black specific gravity 1.6 Rockwell hardness D60;
Regarding odor, rubber is an industrial product and cannot be avoided.
Place of origin: Made in China,export to worldwide.

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Supply “Antivibration rubber block damper” with many sizes as below.We also accept your customized size,please contact us.

Features: Oil resistance; Wear resistance;Shock absorption;Compression resistance;Corrosion resistance;High voltage insulation.

Antivibration rubber block damper 2

50*50*10mm thick;

50*50*15mm thick;

50*50*20mm thick;

50*50*25mm thick;

50*50*30mm thick;

50*50*40mm thick;

50*50*50mm thick;

100*50*10mm thick;

100*50*15mm thick;

100*50*20mm thick;

100*50*25mm thick;

100*50*30mm thick;.

100*50*40mm thick;

100*50*50mm thick;

100*100*10mm thick

100*100*15mm thick

100*100*20mm thick

100*100*25mm thick

100*100*30mm thick

100*100*40mm thick

100*100*50mm thick

100*100*60mm thick

100*100*70mm thick

100*100*80mm thick

100*100*90mm thick

100*100*100mm thick

150*150*10mm thick

150*150*15mm thick

150*150*20mm thick

150*150*25mm thick

150*150*30mm thick

150*150*40mm thick

150*150*50mm thick

150*150*60mm thick

150*150*70mm thick

150*150*80mm thick

150*150*100mm thick

200*100*10mm thick

200*100*15mm thick

200*100*20mm thick

200*100*25mm thick

200*100*30mm thick

200*100*40mm thick

200*100*50mm thick

200*100*60mm thick

200*100*70mm thick

200*100*80mm thick

200*100*90mm thick

200*100*100mm thick

200*200*10mm thick

200*200*15mm thick

200*200*20mm thick

200*200*25mm thick

200*200*30mm thick

200*200*40mm thick

200*200*50mm thick

200*200*60mm thick

200*200*70mm thick

200*200*80mm thick

200*200*90mm thick

200*200*100mm thick

250*250*10mm thick

250*250*15mm thick

250*250*20mm thick

250*250*25mm thick

250*250*30mm thick

250*250*40mm thick

250*250*50mm thick

250*250*60mm thick

250*250*70mm thick

250*250*80mm thick

250*250*90mm thick

250*250*100mm thick

300*300*10mm thick

300*300*15mm thick

300*300*20mm thick

300*300*25mm thick

300*300*30mm thick

300*300*40mm thick

300*300*50mm thick

300*300*60mm thick

300*300*70mm thick

300*300*80mm thick

400*400*10mm thick

400*400*15mm thick

400*400*20mm thick

400*400*25mm thick

400*400*30mm thick

400*400*40mm thick

400*400*50mm thick

500*500*10mm thick

500*500*15mm thick

500*500*20mm thick

500*500*25mm thick

500*500*30mm thick

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