Aluminium Waterproof junction box

Aluminium Waterproof junction box0 Aluminium Waterproof junction box1 Aluminium Waterproof junction box2 Aluminium Waterproof junction box3


(with fixing hole )


This series Aluminium Waterproof junction box is applied in connection boxes, module cases, control boxes and other types of electronics.

1. Made of Aluminum.

2. Protection rank up to IP67

3. Better anti-corrosion performance; Protect instruments even under the adverse environment.

4. Color and material can be changed as your interesting.

5. Certain modification can be done according to your requirements; Such as drilling, painting, punching, silk-screen printing? Power coating and etc.

6. Your design is welcome, the mould fee can be offset when future order reaches a certain amount.

Number Dimension(mm) Aluminium Waterproof junction box
1 200x120x75 FD-F1
2 200x120x113 FD-F1-1 High Civer
3 200x120x75 FD-F1-2带耳
4 200x120x56 FD-F1-3 Low Cover
5 200x120x67 FD-F1-6 with fixing hole
6 158x90x60 FD-F2
7 158x90x64 FD-F2-2 with fixing hole
8 158x90x40 FD-F2-3 Low Cover
9 115x90x55 FD-F3
10 115x90x55 FD-F3-2 with fixing hole
11 115x130x60 FD-F3-3 with fixing hole
12 100x68x50 FD-F4
13 100x68x40 FD-F4-1 with fixing hole
14 100x68x50 FD-F4-2 with fixing hole
15 160x160x90 FD-F5
16 160x160x90 FD-F5-2 with fixing hole
17 263x182x95 FD-F6
18 263x182x60 FD-F6 Low Cover
19 263x182x125 FD-F6 High Cover
20 158x90x46 FD-F7
21 158x90x60 FD-F7-1  High Cover
22 150x85x35 FD-F8
23 280x195x135 FD-F9
24 280x195x86 FD-F9-3 Low Cover
25 320x240x110 FD-F10
26 320x240x140 FD-F10 High Cover
27 320x240x155 FD-F10 High Cover
28 380x260x105 FD-F11
29 380x260x120 FD-F11 Middle Cover
30 380x260x140 FD-F11 High Cover
31 162x81x65 FD-F13
32 120x120x90 FD-F14
33 230x150x85 FD-F15
34 230x150x87 FD-F15Flat cover
35 230x150x87 FD-F15-2 with fixing hole
36 160x45x55 FD-F16
37 83x58x33 FD-F19 with fixing hole
38 83x58x33 FD-F19-1 with fixing hole
39 63x58x35 FD-F20
40 63x58x35 FD-F20-2 with fixing hole
41 240x160x90 FD-F21
42 240x160x120 FD-F21 High Cover
43 160x110x90 FD-F22
44 192x188x100 FD-F24
45 192x188x70 FD-F24-2 with fixing hole
46 83x81x56 FD-F25
47 300x280x140 FD-F50



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