All-in-one Duct Cleaning Equipment with Video

How to clean air duct effectivly?Use this  innovative duct cleaning machine with function of rectangle duct cleaning,dust suction,monitoring… all functions are in one device for cleaning commercial, industrial and residential ventilation duct systems.Using contacting Negative Pressure vacuum cleaning methods, no need plugging and site protection, to complete an one-time job of duct cleaning and dust suction. To clean small and medium rectangular duct, particularly suitable for commercial and residential HVAC ductwork systems ,for air ducts in household,hospitals,office buildings,hotels,schools,shopping malls,supermarkets and other public places, also is good to cleaning flat-type duct.Greatly remove the dirt, debris and other contaminants in ventilation duct.It help you to do a professional duct cleaning work,more faster and more efficiently,save labour cost, and thus to let the contractors develop profitable IAQ businesses.

Special Feature:For cleaning rectangle duct;Function of dust cleaning and dust suction are well built in one device.Once you have this machine,no other device is needed to clean rectangle air ducts.

Notice:The brush direction must be change by manual.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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All-in-one Duct Cleaning Equipment with Video 2


Universal Air Duct Cleaning Equipment-All In One

Technical parametersWork for:
Controlling &Dust Collecting DeviceRobot
Working Voltage:AC 220VWeight:12.16kgFor height190mm≤duct height≤800mm
(Robot Option:150mm≤duct height≤500mm)
Dust Collecting Motor Power:3000WSpeed:11.12M/min(Can be adjusted)
Max. Negative Pressure:22KPaWorking Distance:≤15mDuct typeRectangular &Horizontal Duct
Camera Resolution Ratio:600linesClimbing capacity:< 40° Dust typeNon-explosion dust; Non-oily dust
Voltage:DC 24VMin. Cleaning Height:190mm
Brush Wide:  150mm,300mm,400mm
1、Crawler-type,Stable to walk;2、All in one,no need other devices;3、Electric self-sweep type brush,good at cleaning dust
4、Min. working height is only 150mm,can clean most of flat type ducts.5、High-Resolution Ratio infrared camera,clear.6、Smart Design,Lightweight,no-need to open a special hole,you can put it from a standard air outlet(300x300mm)into the duct.


How to operate “All-in-one Duct Cleaning Equipment with Video” 

Multi-function.One unit with function of  clearing duct,sucking dust,video monitor monitoring,all in one;

Universal Air Duct Cleaning Equipment-All In One a6 Duct-cleaning-machine operation panel

Operarion procedures. Operation on this device is very easy and a non-professional worker can operate it easily and quickly.Procedures are as following:

1),Take out the cleaning robot from the bottom;
2),Connect robot and dust collector with pipe;
3),Connect electric wire to power plug;
4),Put the robot into the duct;
5),Start clearing and suction.

Operation Panel Instruction:

Suction 1: This is the switch for suction 1,press it to start suction 1,when Negative Pressure:0.01MPa;
Suction 2: This is the switch for suction 2,press it to start suction 2,when Negative Pressure:0.01MPa;
(If switch Suction 1 & Suction 2 together, Suction Negative Pressure is 0.02Mpa)
Brush: This is the switch for brush.Press it and the the brush start to work for cleaning;
Video&Lock: Open and then the robot start to work,start to video;
Indicator: when it lights,means working;
Up/Down: the cleaning arm lifiting up/down,(notice: up/down doesn’t work for this robot);
Forward/Back/Left/Right: Control robot forward/back/left/right;

*You couldn`t change brush direction automatically by operation console.It  need to be changed by manual.
*It comes with lifting arm for prolong cleaning brush.

clean-ductAll In One Air Duct Cleaning Equipments

All-in-one Duct Cleaning Equipment details cleaning effect

Using Notice:

1, Connect robot and dust collector with dust pipe ,no air leakage.
2, Must straight duct pipe before suction operation.
3,Adjust brush direction by manual with Inner hexagon spanner to clean different side of duct.
4,Install lifting kit to adjust brush height for cleaning duct with different height.
5, Use 220V power single socket with good ground protection function.
6,The red button on the operation panel  is for power on/off.When meet emergency,just quickly press the botton,then the device is power off.
7.Open the Operation panel box,you can find circuit part.Inner has a circuit breaker,with fuse,circuit breaker,etc.
8.Please often clear the dust collector bag.
9.After use,please power off. After use,please clear your robot.Often  topping-up mechanical oil as maintenance method.
10.Please study the whole equipment carefully and know its working principle and the role of every part before operate the equipment.

 How to purchase “All-in-one Duct Cleaning Equipment with Video”

  • Notice the equipment does cleaning the rectangle air duct;
  • The place of origin is in China,if you buy one,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • More duct cleaning devices,please contact us to email: ,we can supply a favourite one you need.

Video of operation

F.A.Q on “All-in-one Duct Cleaning Equipment with Video”

Is the equipment portable? Is easy to take?
Yes,it is portable.At the bottom of machine,it has casters,easy to port.

What`s the best features for this machine?
The best feature for this machine is that dust cleaning robot and dust suction machine are built in one device.Once you have this device,no need other device to clean air ducts;Clean duct with this machine,you can improve working effience double times.

Should I download some software to run the robot?
No,You don`t need to download any software.Once you get the machine,don`t change anything,you can use it immediately.

What type duct can be cleaned with this robot?
It can do with rectangle air duct.

What size of air duct can be cleaned with this machine robot?
Rectangle duct or square duct,190mm≤duct height≤800mm.

Is it easy to operate?
Yes,it`s very easy to use.After you get the equipment,with a half-day study at most, anyone can start cleaning work immediately.

Can the robot have a long-time working in continous?
In principle,yes,it can have a very long time working;But in order to prolong its service lifetime,we suggest to have a interval stop every 4 hours.

How many years can the robot woks?
En…It is a diffcult to answer,yes? It mainly depends on your using frenquency and how you operate it and maintenance. In normal operating,it is no problem with 10 years.

Can I purchase accessories when it happens small breakdown,but we can repair it ourself?
Yes,of course,just let us know which part you need,then we can provide.

Can I buy more brushs as backup?
Yes,you can.

What`s warranty for the system?
We provide warranty period : 1 year.In one year,if the system happens breakdown,after our company confirm that the breakdown is caused by quality of the equipment itself,we provide free repair.

How to maintenance the system?
You can use high-pressure air to blow the duct which is deposited in the robot after several use times;In order to prolong its service lifetime,It`s better to have a interval stop every 4 hours.

More photos of  “All-in-one Duct Cleaning Equipment with Video” 

introduce all in one duct cleaning machine

We are proud that our equipment is the ONLY one in world that builds all functions into one machine!

in exhibition showing duct robot

Duct machine cleaning ventilation pipe

all in one duct robot in HVAC exhibition

Our machine always can attract many customer in exhibition…

cleaning robot in HVAC trade

duct cleaning robot in refrigeration exhibition

commerical duct cleaning robot exhibition

operating duct cleaning machine

With this device,duct cleaning becomes a very easy and funny work!

server man use robot



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