Air-source heat pump water heater working principle and characteristics

Air source heat pumps gas water heaters, electric water heaters and water heaters are the second generation of solar water heater hot water units, is to replace the boiler heating water equipment. Air source heat pump water heater is the comprehensive advantages of electric water heater and solar water heater safety energy saving and environmentally friendly water heaters can operate around the clock 365 days a year, making the same amount of hot water, using cost only one-fourth of the electric water heaters, gas water heater one-third solar water heater one-second. High thermal efficiency is greatest features and advantages of air source heat pump water heater, energy issues become the world’s problem, which is an air source heat pump water heater “fourth-generation water heater” one of the most important magic weapon. One. Air source hot pump water heater work principle air source hot pump water heater within designed reset a endothermic media–cold media, it in liquefied of State below 0℃-20℃, and outside temperature exists with temperature, so, cold media can absorption outside of heat, in evaporator internal evaporation vaporization, through air source hot pump water heater in the compressor of work improve cold media of temperature, again through condensation device makes cold media from vaporization State conversion for liquefied state, in conversion process in the, release out large of heat, passed to tank in the of reserves water, makes water temperature increased, Achieve the purpose of the water heater.   System air source heat pump Central hot water units generally consists of a compressor, condenser, evaporator, orifice, filter, tank, condensation pressure regulating valve, check valve, solenoid valve, tank and other parts. System schematic
Working principle:
1. Low temperature and low pressure refrigerant expansion agencies after the throttle, evaporate into the air switch heat, absorb large amounts of heat from the air Q1.
2. After evaporation endothermic of refrigerant in gaseous form into the compressor, compressed, becomes a hot, high-pressure refrigerant (refrigerant contained in the heat at this time is divided into two parts: one is the Q1 of heat absorbed from the air, some enter the compressor power is converted into heat in the compressed refrigerant Q2 .
3. Is compressed with a high temperature and high pressure refrigerants into the heat exchanger, its calorie (Q1+Q2) release into the cold water in the heat exchanger, cold water is heated to 55 degrees Celsius (up to 65 deg c) directly into the thermal store available to users of the water tank.
4. After the heat of the refrigerant in a liquid form into the expansion mechanism, and throttle … … So uninterrupted loop. II, air source heat pump water heater has the following characteristic 1, large water: water tank capacity is tailored according to the specific requirements, adequate water to meet different customer needs at different times. 2, economic savings: get large amounts of energy from the air, energy efficiency ratio as high as 300%~400%. Set water heater run time automatically according to law, the fees are naturally saves.

The application range: no influence of climate, at an ambient temperature of-10 normally ¡æ ~43 ¡æ, can be widely used in households, hotels, hotels, schools, hospitals, dormitories, residential area, Jacuzzi, central heating. 4, enduring constant temperature using very simple, the entire water heater using automatic intelligent control system, users simply on initial use open the power, using completely automated process run at a later time, when the user-specified temperature is reached automatically shut down, below the temperature specified by the user when the system is up and running on their own, fully realized anytime there is hot water 24 hours a day and no waiting.  5, security and environmental protection: hydropower on the structure is completely separated, and without any harmful poisonous gases or combustion, not affected by the effects of natural disasters such as typhoons, is perfectly safe.  6, anti-freeze function: with intelligent defrosting function, and ensure the stable operation of the water heater is in low temperature environments, which according to the outdoor temperature, temperature of evaporator fins and running multiple parameters such as time, intelligent automatic entry and exit box. 7, easy installation: compact size: can be installed in any place, the installation does not occupy space in the room, can also be installed outdoors, such as roof and floor, open places, you can realize remote monitoring, small footprint, easy installation, no separate room. 8, long life, low maintenance costs, equipment performance and stability, service life of up to 15 years. Third, compared with conventional solar, air-source heat pump water heater advantage 1, investment has four aspects: who can attain the same water supply, funding of air source heat pump water heaters less than conventional solar products and economic power can be used, when the demand is low water reserves.    2, the use of: conventional solar products are significantly affected by the weather, rainy days, snowy day and night cannot work, and air-source heat pump water heater regardless of cloudy, rainy, snowy, or sunny can work as usual at night, hot water around the clock. 3, from the running costs of conventional solar power under the Sun, almost zero running cost, but in rainy and snowy day or night can only rely on the secondary system, statistics show, during normal use, annual power consumption than conventional solar-assisted system of air-source heat pump water heater total annual power consumption is 1.5 times higher. 4, the other functions: air-source heat pump water heater using not subject to location restrictions, can be placed anywhere, and small in footprint, while regular solar energy to achieve the same heating effect of consuming large space must also be laid open. And service life of up to 15 years, low maintenance costs, equipment performance and stability. Four, air source heat pump water heaters and boilers advantages compared to 1, high thermal efficiency: efficiency above the annual average of 300%, while the thermal efficiency of the boiler does not exceed 100%. 2, low running costs: fuel, gas-fired boilers, annual average section 70% of energy, coupled with lower prices and rising fuel prices, and the advantages of low operating costs have become increasingly prominent. 3, environmental protection: no combustion emissions of air-source heat pump water heater, refrigerant will use environmentally friendly refrigerants, zero pollution to the ozone layer, is a better environment-friendly products.   4, safe, no unattended: compared with the fuel boiler running is absolutely safe, and automatic control, no staff on duty, savings in staff costs. Five, hot water costs per ton compared with heating 1 ton of water, for example, water temperature by 15 degrees Celsius and heated to 55 ℃, 40000kcal of heat. Price electric water heater 40000kcal ÷ 817kcal/kWh=49.0kwhx0.6/kWh=29.4 40000kcal ÷ 7560kcal/kg=5.3kgx4/kg=21.2 Yuan liquefied petroleum gas natural gas Gas 40000kcal ÷ 40000kcal ÷ 6450kcal/M3=6.2m3x2.2/M3=13.64 Yuan 2660kcal/M3=15.0 M3x0.9 40000kcal ÷ 8670kcal/kg=4.6kgx4.6/kg=21.16 Yuan/M3=13.5 diesel boilers Coal 40000kcal ÷ 2752kcal/kg=14.5kgx0.52/kg=7.54 heat pump 40000kcal ÷ 3010kcal/kWh=13.3kwhx0.6/kWh=7.98 Note: the prices listed in the table are only for the purpose of calculating the reference price, the actual prices are subject to prevailing market prices all over. If the heat pump by peak and Valley electricity, electricity at lower per ton of hot water costs would also be reduced.

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