Air Duct Sanitizing Fogger Machine,effectively kill virus

Sell Duct Cleaning Fogger Machine For Disinfecting Air ventilation Ducts.Air Conditioner Ventilation Duct Medical Sterilizing Sprayer,Duct cleaning sterilization machine.It is a device to spray Sanitizing or liquid, disinfectant or cleaning chemical liquid into air ventilation ducts and pipes system,no matter it is rectangle duct or circular/round air pipe,no matter it is large size duct or small pipe even smaller than 10cm.the chemical liquid in the tank is suctioned and then is atomized with the power of strong fan.It is powered by electrical power 220V,portable and easy to take to anywhere if you want.They are usually used in the field of air conditioner cleaning project.

Types: 3L capacity tank and 7L capacity tank,see below details.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models and Details for “Air Duct Sanitizing Fogger Machine,effectively kill virus ”


  • Maximum power: 1400W ;
  • Power source: city electricity,220V
  • Spray flow: 300-600ml / min (continuously adjustable)
  • Fog droplet: 10-125μm (continuously adjustable),ultra-micro-atomization;
  • Spray distance: 6-8meter distance;
  • Medicine tank capacity: 7 liters
  • Type: Shoulder belt,can carry by hand;
  • Package size: 58x23x33cm,;
  • Net weight:  3.9kgs.
  • Usage: it can let disinfectant liquid become fog state and then spray out long distance with strong pressure,disinfect to air duct or building.
  • Product features: adjustable mist volume, increased air temperature, avoiding cold stress.The ultra-fine suspended particles can fully and uniformly contact the entire surface of the object to achieve the effect of no dead corner fumigation.
  • If do disinfection to air duct,can do with duct length: 20meters(If spraying from both ends,suggest to switch fan to let fog spray more distance).
  • Application: This product is widely used in the field of sanitizing and disinfection due to its ultra-micro-atomization characteristics, such as spraying immunity, atomized dosing, humidification and dust removal, disinfection to air duct,bus,home,hospital,school,office,company,streets and other buildings,kill COVID-19 and other flu virus.This machine can save disinfectant liquid,and significantly improves the disinfection efficiency,better disinfection result.

Air Duct Sanitizing Fogger Machine,effectively kill virus 2

Air Duct Sanitizing Fogger Machine,effectively kill virus 4 Air Duct Sanitizing Fogger Machine,effectively kill virus 6

Air Duct Sanitizing Fogger Machine,effectively kill virus 81

Air Duct Sanitizing Fogger Machine,effectively kill virus 10

This machine atomizes the disinfectant with compressed air.
Run the duct fan system if you want and fog through cold air return offshoots. This will distribute through the entire HVAC duct system.

Buying guide to “Air Duct Sanitizing Fogger Machine”

  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The item takes large packing dimension,therefore,takes much volume weight.The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us to email:
  • If you want to do duct cleaning project,it is your best choice.
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  1. Glenn Crabtree

    I need Air Duct Sanitizing Fogger Machine, can you send this price and delivery time

  2. Silvio Briffa

    could you please send me CIF price Valletta, Malta

  3. Jennifer Seguban

    Good Day!

    I would like to ask a price quotation for this item.
    Do you ship here in Philippines? or do you have any branches here?

    Thank you.

  4. Puneet chopra

    I would like to know the price of this machine

  5. Debabrata Banerjee

    How much this machine prise, i want to bye this item , how can I order this mechine , and how much time you tack to delivery ,

  6. Jerome Montalvo

    HI… would like to know the spec’s on the machine, price, and ETA for delivery to Puerto Rico.


  7. Mark Fulton

    Hello I am looking to purchase a airduct sanitizing fogger machine.

    Please can you send me pricing on all your hand held foggers.

    Can they all be used to desanitize office and residential areas?
    I would really appreciate the help.

    • Silvio Briffa

      I am looking for an industrial disinfectant fogging machine plus the chemical used

      could you please send me a quotation which includes shipping to Malta, and all other information

  8. Jins

    I need to by fog machine

  9. Eduardo Pereira

    Hi Team,
    Can you please quote sanitizing fogger machines?
    Model A1 and Model A2

    Many thanks

  10. Saida cruz

    Interested in fogger for use with disinfectant

  11. Jan Kovalovsky

    could you lease send me an price for 3 pcs to be shipped to Czech Republic?
    Inform me please about possible delivery date.

    Thank you
    Jan K

  12. Leyla Kibar

    Good day
    I am looking for a sanitizing Fogger I can use at my car wash to sanitize cars / taxis etc



  14. Olivia

    I am a trading company supplying spare parts and electronic components.

    And i need the above for use in mall

  15. Kishan Chandak

    We want 3 lil fogger machine

  16. Kishan Chandak

    We want machine for home and pre school

    • Raftani international

      We require 3 lit fogger machine

  17. Olivia

    Hi I m looking for 5litres capacity.

    Do you have such.

    I am looking for 4 units.

  18. Alexis Arias

    What is the price for the Air Duct Sanitizing Fogger Machine?

  19. walid Najd

    Dear Sirs
    Hope all safe kindly can i have the price s FOB china and of the 800 ML disinfectant sprayer

    what is your minimum order .
    Time and after sale service provided by the manufactuerer
    Expected delivery time
    Ac 220 V 50-60 Hrz
    Power: 650W/h

    Mini type,for home or office use.

    Grain diameter: 5-50 microns

    Spray flow: About 25minutes to spray 800ml disinfectant.

    Medicine tank capacity: 800ml

    Spraying distance: 3-4 meters;

    1220V city-electricity power supply;

    Power cable long 5 meters.

    Type: handheld or handy type;

  20. Tricia Adolfo

    Hi. I want to buy the Air Duct Sanitizing Fog Machine (

    How will it be shipped to Cebu, Philippines if i order now?

    Please reply. Thank you

  21. Thembani Ndlovu

    Good day how much is this

  22. Tebogo Ngoasheng

    Afternoon I was interested in buying the Air Duct sanitizing machine.

    How long will it take to reach South Africa Pretoria.

    Can quote on two machines
    Model A tank capacity 7L 220v.Air Duct sanitizing fogger machine


  23. nabeel

    I need Air Duct Sanitizing Fogger Machine, can you send this price and delivery time

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