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Air Duct Filter Box

Item: Air Duct Filter Box,dia.200mm or dia.300mm connection port,fan built-in

Short Description: this filter box is widely used in air duct system,to extract fresh outdoor into indoor.It not only can filter outdoor dirty air,but also,as a fan built in,can increase wind pressure after filtering;

Main Features:
With dia.200mm or dia.300mm port to connect round air duct;
With fan built-in,to increase air pressure after filtering;
With filters built-in,can filter outfoor air to be fresh and clean;

Dimension: See below details

Place of Origin: China

Sell to worldwide: Yes

Accept personal small order or company bulk order

Models & Details for “Air Duct Filter Box”

Product Features:

  • With fan built-in,can increase wind pressure after filtering;
  • With carbon filter;
  • Built-in Grade F7 HEPA Filter;
  • Quality fan,provide 3 years warranty;
  • Almost keep silent when working;
  • Very light,no danger to install on the duct system;
  • Can be used with Air Heat Exchanger,or pipe fans;
  • Easy to install and uninstall,easy to wash and maintenance;
  • Has a spare slot to install more filter panel,to get better filter effience;
  • Medium efficiency filter built-in;
  • Can install HEPA Filter(high efficiency particulate air filter);
  • Connection port is made from ABS materials,no condensation water produced;
  • Washable primary filter built-in,can prevent insect/dust/ pollen,prolong the service years of Medium efficiency filter;
  • Connection port dia.200mm and dia.300mm;
  • Can be used with air heat exchanger together;
  • Easy to install and unstall,easy to maintenance;
  • Clear inner filter every 3-6month

Main technical parameters on Air Duct Filter Box:

Air Box details Air Duct Filter Box model and size

Buying Guide to “Air Duct Filter Box”
  • The product is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider international air freight as cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized production;
  • More types of Air Duct Filter Box are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: ,we can supply a favourite item you need.
General Knowledge on “Air Duct Filter Box”

In air duct system,always need filter box to filter outdoor fresh air,and then extract into indoor

The principle to select air filters

In normal circumstances, the final decision stage air filter air cleanliness, the front air filter at all levels of the last stage of the protective effect of air filters, air filters extend the last stage of life, to ensure their normal the work. When selecting an air filter must be fully considered reasonable to choose the right air filter depending on the circumstances, the choice of the following principles:
1. In accordance with the clean-room requirements purification standards, to determine the final stage of the air filter efficiency, rational selection and efficiency levels series combination air filter. General requirements such as indoor purification, can be used early effect of the filter; moderate purify indoor requirements, it should be used early effect and in effect two filters; clean indoor purification requirements, they should be used at the beginning, in effect, and efficient three purification filter, and should be reasonable and properly match the efficiency levels of the filter, if the adjacent two-stage filter efficiency that much difference, the previous level filter would not achieve the protective effect of the subsequent stage filter.
2. The amount of dust and dust features outdoor air measured correctly. Because the filter after filtration and purification of the outdoor air into the room, so the dust content of the outdoor air is a very important data. Especially in a multi-stage purification filtration treatment, to use the environment, spare parts costs, energy consumption when choosing a pre-filter, after maintenance and supply and other factors considered decision.
3. The right to determine the filter characteristics. The main characteristics of the filter is to filter efficiency, resistance, penetration, dust holding capacity, filtration velocity and air volume and so on. In the case of the conditions allow, the choice should be as efficient, low resistance, large dust capacity, filter moderate wind speed, air volume processing, manufacture and installation convenience, low cost filter. This is considered in selecting the air filter off investment and economic analysis of the need for secondary investments and energy efficiency.
The analysis of the nature of dust and gas. Properties and selection of the air filter is mainly related to the dust-containing gas, the number of temperature, humidity, pH and containing an organic solvent. Because some filter allows use at high temperatures, while others can only filter at normal temperature and normal humidity working, and dusty gas containing an organic acid and amount of the solvent has an impact on the performance efficiency of the air filter.

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