Air Duct dust shoveling robot with video sampling function

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Air Duct dust shoveling robot with video sampling function

Air Duct Dust Shoveling Robot With Video Sampling Function

Model :GX-08-5B

It includes the rear and front infrared color camera with high-intensity lighting, automatic jib-arm dust-collecting sampling unit, and the driving device (caterpillar or 4×4 wheel) for the robot to move in the air duct. The professionals may correctly differentiate the conditions inside the air duct by observing the inside of air duct and sampling the dust in the air duct and
customize the solution of cleaning and sterilization. Use the special shoveling device to carry the heavy litter (such as bricks, large and small stones, and tools) can not be cleaned by other robots in the air duct to the air outlet (or manhole) and then the professionals remove the litter. Professionals will attain the monitoring video information about the inside of the air duct at any time and make the MP4 .

Technical Data and Standard Configuration:
Dimensions:460mm (Length) X 270mm (Width) X 175mm (Height)
Voltage:24VDC; power: 75W
Operating stroke:20 meters for standard configuration, can be extended to 100 meters according to requirements
Types and material of air duct to be cleaned:rectangular or square ducts made of metal and composite material
Running method:4X4 wheel or dual-caterpillar driving
Kinematics parameters:obstacle crossing >45mm, climbing capacity >40°
Travel speed:0-12 m/min (stepless speed regulation)
Video recording and lighting:rear and front 420-line industrial infrared color
cameras, four rear and front scatter-type high-intensity lighting (LED light
source with low temperature and long service life)
Sampling method:mechanical jib-type dust-collecting sampling unit
Shoveling method and shoveling power:mechanical lever, horizontal thrust > 25Kg, vertical lift > 8Kg



Air Duct Cleaning Robot Controller GX-08-1

With specific PLC programmable and intelligent operating system of equipment, the operator may know well about the conditions inside the air duct in time through the LCD screen. Operators control the actions of the robot by operating system to monitor and record the condition of the air duct before and after the cleaning (can make standard MP4) well as perform the procedures such as cleaning, dust absorption and spraying etc. It is the most major subsystem of the whole equipment

Technical Data
Dimensions:500 mm (Length) X 400mm (Width) X 230mm (Height)
Voltage:Voltage input 220VAC/50Hz, voltage output 24VDC
Power: 150W
(1) 10.4′high-definition LCD,synchronous monitoring and recording system, Synchronously display rear and back channels, video in the standard MP4 format which can be converted into other formats and cut, and equipped with storage device with capacity of 160G or more.
(2) Standard industrial design, perfect procedure control system for safe moving, circuit overload or original element protecting system.
(1) Four-wheel moving synchronous system of robot and the turning differential system.
(2) Ultrasonic automatic navigation control system for the robot to move along the wall in equidistance.
(3) Intelligent adjusting system for lifting the brush to clean the robot (adjust automatically according to the height of the air duct).
(4) Ultrasonic automatic alarming and shutdown system for moving robot encountering holes or caves.

Home>>Air Conditioner Spare Parts >>Air Conditioner Maintenance>> Air Duct Cleaning Equipments>>Air Duct dust shoveling robot with video sampling function

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