Air Duct Damper



Duct muffler Volume Control Damper Water Baffleair-terminal-device-1Air-Duct-Accessory-1Duct-Fans-Air-Filters-1Muffler-Damper-Baffle-2air-duct-cleaning-1Air-Handling-Devices-1

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Rectangular VCD closingRectangular VCD with worm wheel back of VCD by Manual Two blades Round VCD Round-VCD-with-worm-wheel

Circular Motorized Volume Control Damper Rectangular Motorized Volume Control Damper Duct Motorized Volume Control Damper Motorized Fire Damper Circular Motorized Fire Damper

Fire-Damper-by-manual Rectangular Motorized Duct VCD Volume-Control-steel-Damper aluminium-Volume-Control-Damper Fire-Damper-by-hand

circular-fire-damper-by-manual Volume-Control-Damper-h1 Volume-Control-Damper-e1Stainess steel electronic volume control damper

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