Air Duct Cleaning Spraying And Sterilizing Robot

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Air Duct Cleaning Spraying And Sterilizing Robot

Air Duct Cleaning Spraying And Sterilizing Robot

It is provided with rear and front infrared color camera with high-intensity
lighting. The 360°rotational sprinkling unit ensures that the detergent will
reach any point of the air duct. After the dust absorption is completed, the
driving device (caterpillar or 4×4 wheel) is used for the robot to
simultaneously move and spray the special detergent for cleaning and
sterilization. Whether the cleaning result meets the requirement can be
observed from the monitoring video equipment and the monitoring video
information about the inside of the air duct at any time can be obtained.
Standard MP4 can be made.

Technical Data and Standard Configuration:
Dimensions:460mm (Length) X 270mm (Width) X 175mm (Height)
Voltage:24VDC; power: 90W
Operating stroke:20 meters for standard configuration, can be extended to
100 meters according to requirements
Types and material of air duct to be cleaned:rectangular or square ducts
made of metal and composite material
Sterilizing method:Use rotating ultrasonic atomization spraying method and
the “direct spraying contract method” popular in the world
UV sterilization:High-intensity UV bactericidal lamp (optional) with germicidal
efficiency of 98% – 100%
Running method:4X4 wheel or dual-caterpillar driving
Kinematics parameters:obstacle crossing >45mm, climbing capacity >40°
Travel speed:0-12 m/min (stepless speed regulation)
Video recording and lighting:rear and front 420-line industrial infrared color
cameras, four rear and front scatter-type high-intensity lighting (LED light
source with low temperature and long service life)


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