Air Duct Cleaning Micro Unit Equipment


Air Duct Cleaning Micro Unit Equipment (With Functions of Examination, Cleaning, Dust Suction and Spraying)

It includes the manually 360°-rotating pitching infrared camera. With the
movable or portable console, it is applicable for the examination, cleaning, dust absorption, and spraying for the mini flat air duct, air supply duct of FCU, fresh
air supply duct in each room of hotel, fresh air branch duct in office where the
automatic robot cannot access. Whether the cleaning result meets the
requirement can be observed from the infrared monitoring video equipment and the monitoring video information about the inside of the air duct at any time can be obtained. Standard MP4 can be made.

Technical Data
Micro air duct inspection machine: 150mm (Length) ×120mm (Width) × 95mm
Micro air duct cleaning machine: 220mm (Length) ×120mm (Width) × 95mm
Micro air duct dust suction and spraying machine: 380mm (Length) × 260mm
(Width) × 95mm (Height)
Weight: 1.5Kg, 2.4Kg, 2.9Kg
Voltage: 24VDC; power: 10W, 60W
Operating stroke:20 meters for standard configuration, can be extended to
100 meters according to requirements
Types and material of air duct to be cleaned: air supply duct of FCU and fresh air branch made of metal and composite material
Range of cleaning: height 100-200mm X width (no requirements), with
diameter ofΦ150—Φ200
(1) 420-line industrial color camera capable of 360° horizontal rotation and
180° pitching rotation
(2) Special suction head and ball-type spraying head (includes spray lance)
used in the direct dust suction method
Optional:High-intensity UV bactericidal lamp

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    I am in Texas.

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