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Item: Air Duct Accessory,Ventilation Duct Parts

Short Description: Air duct accessory,ventilation duct parts,are those materials to install or fix ventilation ducts for HVAC Duct Fittings Ductworks and air conditioning system.They are must-have items if you work on to install ventilation project or air condition project.Including parts for fixing aluminium flexible Air Ducts,Sheet Metal Air Ducts,PIR Ducts,Plastic Air Ducts,Spiral Air Ducts.Smartclima can supply one-stop purchasing solution for your ventilation projects.

Features: One-stop purchase platform for your HVAC duct system.Here you can find most of the materials for your duct project.If you don`t find the item you want,just email to us.

Application: Ventilation Duct Accessories; Suspension System For Air Duct ;Hanging Materials For Duct System.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Air Ducting Accessories,Ventilation Duct Parts”
Flexible Duct M2 M4 M3 Insulated-aluminium-rectang rectangular-flexible-small Quick-Release-Pipe-Hose-Cla M8 M9
Flexible Duct Flexible Duct Flexible Duct Flexible Duct Flexible Duct Flexible Duct Clamp Band Spiral Clamp Multi-hole Band
M11 bolt-small2 nut-small steel-plug double-screw Holder-L-small Holder-Z-small Holder-V-small M12
thread rods

Hex head bolt

Hex nuts Drop in anchor Double threaded tapping screw Holder L Holder Z Holder V Beam Clamp 
M13 M14 M15 M16 M17 M18 M19 M20 M21
Duct Clamp Corner Clamp Casting Pins   Access Door     Access Door       Duct Connector  Mounting Flange Self-adhesive Pin   Sealant
M22 PVC Tape Flange Tape pipe-support-small self-plugging rivet Pop Rivet Gun Clamping strip spanner Washer For Ventilation Duct2 M24
Aluminium Foil  Tape  PVC Tape  Gasket Tape Pipe Insulation  Pop rivet    Pop Rivet Gun Clamping strip spanner Washer for ventilation duct  Jamb Seal 
M31 duct-cleat-detail1 M25 M26 M27 M28 M30 M29 brass washer
Duct Flange  Cleat  Spindle     Stainless steel spring Square Nylon Bush     Brass Bush Square Bronzen Bush Brass Round Bush washer
Duct Door Slide Bolt  S/S linear climp  Spring Base    Brass head     Square diffuser link piece Air Grille Installation piece  Grille spring Valve switch  Access door switch
 Access door Pole Plastic core-castors OBD Switch  Brake switch     Hook Lock     V tape piece    Net hook Duct switch          Hole Side Link  
Valve Handle  Metal Ear for Duct Metal Climp adjusted  Plastic core Castor Base for aluminium valve Corner protector Touch bead for  handle  Valve Link    Motor for air terminal device
Pressure Valve Pole Corrugated Tube  Cleat Spanner    Ventilation Anti-static floor Quadrant Disc-D Quadrant Disc-C  Quadrant Disc-B Damper Regulating Part for access door
M7 air-branch1 1-into-3-Air-Branch air duct crossover injection1 Damper-mechanism-actuator2 Damper Mechanism Actuator Fusible pieces Damper Mechanism Actuator Fusible tubes Perforated-L-profile-small
Nylon Ties  Air Duct Muffle Branch Air Branch   Air Duct Crossover  Injection Packer  Damper actuator  Fusible pieces  Fusible tubes  L profile
Perforated-U-profile-small Spring Vibration Isolation1 Refrigeration-Pipe-Clamps M8  Dowel-S-Nylon  Anchor-Bolts  NAIL DOWELS  nail anchor with bail  Anti-Vibration-tube
U profile  Spring Vibration  Refrigeration Pipe Clamps  HVAC Project Pipe Holders  Dowel S Nylon  Anchor Bolts  Nail Dowels  Nail anchor  Anti-Vibration Tube
Buying Guide to “Duct Accessories,Air Ventilation Duct Parts”
  • The Air Duct Accessory,Ventilation Duct Parts listed above is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • More parts for Ventilation duct system are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: [email protected] ,we can supply a favourite item you need.
General Knowledge on “Air Conditioner Duct Ventilation System”
  • Components of duct ventilation system

Duct ventilation system generally includes: air handling equipment, such as air filters, heat and moisture treatment equipment and air purification equipment; blower or exhaust fan; duct systems, wind pipe, valve parts, supply and exhaust ports, exhaust enclosures; exhaust treatment devices such as dust, harmful objects purification equipment, hood, etc.

  • Componentsof air-conditioning systems

1. Air treatment equipment: It is the equipments to process air to be heating,cooling, humidification or dehumidification, purification and other functions purpose. Including modular air conditioning units, new air handling units, fan coil units, air heat recovery units, VAV terminal devices, air conditioners and other units. Modular air conditioning units generally consists of a new return air mixing section, filter section, cooling section, heating section, humidification, air segments and other components. The main fan coil by the fan, heat exchanger coil and filter devices and other components. VAV unit currently often used in series with the parallel fan powered single-duct type throttle types.

2. Air conditioning cold source and heat source: common heating source typically includes hot water, steam boilers, electric boilers, heat pump, electric heaters in series,etc. Air conditioning cooling source includes natural and artificial sources of cold cold source, the use of natural cooling source nature of ice, cold water from deep wells, etc. refrigeration. The most commonly used cold source equipment includes electric compression and lithium bromide absorption chiller.

3. Auxiliary equipments for cold and heat source : including cooling towers, pumps, heat exchanger unit, regenerative thermal storage device, softened device, set the trap, purification equipment, filtration equipment, constant pressure regulator devices,and so on.

4.The air conditioning duct system is composed by fan, and ventilation duct system. Fans include air, return air, exhaust fans, centrifugal fans used and axial flow. Duct system includes ventilation ducts (including flexible ducts), various types of valve components (volume control damper, fire dampers, muffler, HIP me, filters, etc.), the end of the air outlet.Air Duct parts,air ventilation duct accessories,including flange system parts,air duct fittings,regulation or air flow devices,air duct connectors,access doors,pipe connections,pipe assembling fittings,flexible connector and tubes,duct suspension system,mounting brackets,sealing,glueing,painting,duct machines,and so on.

5. Air conditioning water system is composed by the pipe system for freezing water, condensate, cooling water, flexible connection, various types of valve components (valves, electric valves, safety valves, filters, compensation, etc.), instruments and other components.

6. The device for control& adjustment includes pressure sensor, temperature sensor, temperature and humidity sensors, air quality sensors, flow sensors, actuators and so on.

HVAC Parts >>Air Ventilation Duct Materials>>Air Duct Accessory,Ventilation Duct Parts

5 Inquires to Air Duct Accessory,Ventilation Duct Parts

  1. Domus Green Line high efficiency 90° duct bend improves air flow by reducing resistance which results in a quieter and more efficient ventilation system.

  2. I just have one Air Conditioner in a 2 tale home. Upstairs is usually 2 to 3 degrees hotter than downstairs. How could I adjust that? Would I have a fan upstairs blowing down or would I have a fan downstairs exploding? Or a fan upstairs blowing up?

  3. Welcome,

    I would like to ask for Air duct accessory estimate of the cost calculated on shipping FOB.

    Glamp band (all size),
    Nylon cable Ties (all size),
    Spiral clamp (all size),
    Multi-hole perforatet band (IPT-A,B),
    Holder for duct system (type: L,Z,V,R),
    Thread road (All size),
    Nuts (M6-M16), Washers,
    Duck flange beam clamp,
    Clamp for ventilation duct( all size),
    Ventilation duct corner (VCR-20/0 ;20 ;30 ;40),
    Aluminium tape/foil tape (all size and type),
    Flange tape,
    Ventilation duct flange (all type and size)
    Rivet (all sizes that you have)

    I think at the moment it all 🙂

    Please rapid quote


  4. I warmly welcome,
    In connection with the opening of a new warehouse of ventilation accessories in Poland.
    I would like to ask if it is possible to do the valuation on air duck accessory?
    I looking for a manufacturer for many years of cooperation, but the price and quality must be the best and for that I chose contact with you
    thank you,

  5. Hi kindly forward prices for insulated flex duct (round). For all sizes.Multi hole perforated band,Spiral Clamp,Aluminum foil tape,Sealant,Thread rods.

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