Air diverter for ceiling cassette air conditioner,vent air deflector,type of non-adhesive


Sell type of non-adhesive Air diverter,air deflector for ceiling cassette air conditioner.Unique adapter allows up & down deflector manipulation which enables efficient room ventilation and prevents annoying cold air (drafts) blowing from air-con directly onto you. It is exquisite, light and durable,with an EVA which can protect against condensation.

Size: long 54cm X wide 20cm;    86X20cm;     94x20cm;    112x20cm;

Work for: Cassette air conditioner

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models and Details for “Air diverter for ceiling cassette air conditioner,vent air deflector,type of non-adhesive”

The deflector is developed to deflect the air flow and make the air spread more evenly and effectively throughout the room. Then the overall room temperature can be much better balanced. Hence the efficiency of air-con is increased and energy/money can be saved as a result of less power consumption.

Simple installation requires NO tools / drills which makes no damage to your air conditioner.
It is designed with C-clip which is easily attached to the air-con unit with only few steps, and NO skills or technician is needed. In addition, you are also required to tie up the safety plastic wire around the air-con unit for security purpose. Pls see the installation clip for demonstration details.

Size: long 54cm X wide 20cm;    86X20cm;     94x20cm;    112x20cm;

Work for: Cassette air conditioner,ceiling mounted square air conditioner vent.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

Air diverter for ceiling cassette unit,type of non-adhesive Air diverter deflector for cassette air conditioning Air flowing deflector air wing air deflector for air conditioner

 How to purchase “Air diverter for ceiling cassette air conditioner,vent air deflector,type of non-adhesive”

  • The air diverter  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Please contact us online (click here) Or send inquiry message to our email:

General Knowledge on “Air diverter for ceiling cassette air conditioner,vent air deflector,type of non-adhesive”

Air conditioner is more important day by day and it becomes a very important part in daily life. However you may find that the direct-blowing air from indoor vent make you feel dry, freezing, annoying and uncomfortable no matter you are studying, working or entertaining. As a result, it is not only distracting your work and impairing your performance but also affecting your health especially the infant and the elderly.
A story: Mike keeps always healthy and never got sick. But after he move the desk close to air conditioner vent mouth,he always get sick,suffering much variations,for example the flu and sinus issues,etc. He thought it may cause the air condition airflow blowing directly onto his body and face. Then Mike check the reason on internet and found many sample men like him.nad finally,he brough a deflector installed under the indoor unit,Change the airflow to let cold(warm) diffuse evenly in the room.And now,he keeps health always again!

direct-air-blowing cause-problem-by-direct-cold-air

And then,How the deflector works on air conditioner?
First,indoor air is generally divided into three layers, which are “ground thermostat layer, the middle mixed layer and the upper layer of heat accumulating . The installation position of air conditioner indoor unit  is generally in upper layer of heat accumulating . Due to the physics principle of  cold air is strong  but heat air is weak,the cooling air from indoor unit is directly down to the ground thermostat layer  through the middle mixed layer of the heating and cooling .Therefore, the air at  the lower layer is cooled rapidly, the cooling air is accumlated from the below to up,to let  human feeling cool.

(Without Air Baffle For Air Conditioner)

But  the cooling for the  upper layer depends on the radiation of cooling air from below layer. The radiation is no good effect because there is no rapid exchange between upper layer and ground layer.Also,because of  the continued invasion from the outdoor heat , resulting in the slow temperature drops in the upper layer. Therefore, the air conditioning is switched on for a long time cooling state, even if the indoor air temperature is already low.

This is the  present situation of the existing split wall-mounted air conditioning running.

The air baffle for air conditioner made by Smartclima  overcome the above phenomenon through to install an air-way panel at the outlet of the indoor unit, to change/adjust the angle of outlet cooling air.  of the air guiding cover. Because of the use of air baffle,the cooling air will not be directly blown onto the body. Through the living hinge of the wind guide panel to adjust the orientation of the air stream, in order to adapt to different needs; At the same time, since the cold air is guided to upwardly, so that cold air is first blown to  the upper layer of heat accumulating, firstly to mix the upper heat air,and then the mixed air is recycle from the top to down,which way is following the priciple of  the exchange between heat and cold,by the above way,it improve the overall cooling efficiency of the indoor air. The refrigeration cycle mode mentioned can make the room air at up and below keeps very small temperature difference, therefore it can reach air conditioning seted temperature in fast, to shorten the running time of the air conditioner able to achieve energy saving.

(After use Air Baffle For Air Conditioner)

(Save 10% energy of electricity because of air baffle for air conditioner!)

Eco-friendly concept achieves energy saving. After several tests, compared the test result of  the air conditioning seted temperature from 22  to 26  ,we know it can save energy about 10% after using air baffle.
Below is test data:
(Given below  test data is for reference only)

(1)using air conditioning without baffle
Test Date: August 2, 2008
Test environment: 20 square meters bedroom, 12000BTU wall-mounted air conditioning (power 1.2 kW), the outdoor maximum temperature of 34, minimum temperature 22 (outdoor temperature from the day weather forecast) test time 24 hours, start testing time 10:00 start testing the indoor temperature is 29 ; air conditioning seted temperature of 25 , automatic swing wind.
Test results: air-conditioned first downtime 11:32, total power consumption of 18500W..

(2) using air conditioning with air baffle
Test Date: August 8, 2008
Test environment: 20 square meters bedroom, 12000BTU wall-mounted air conditioning (power of 1.2 kW), the date of the outdoor maximum temperature of 34 minimum temperature 24, 24 hours of test time, starting test time 10:00, start testing indoor temperature 29  ; air conditioning set temperature of 25, automatic pendulum Wind.
Test results: air-conditioned first downtime 11:10, total power consumption of 16500W.

(3) results:
After use air baffle ,can save electricity  (18500-16500)/18500 = 10.8% !
Description: The air-conditioning seted to 25 as example, because it is the best temperature for human feeling and energy-saving effect of contrast.

Payback: 6 months.


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  • Bevan Green

    Please can you send me a quotation for your 54cmX20cm ceiling cassette baffles. I have 4 no. Ceiling Cassettes that require these.

  • Chandeo Suntoo

    Dear Sir,

    I work in a commercial center including Hypermarket and shops, actually I have an issue with all the Ac cassette units as it blows directly on the ceiling and there is a lot of dust and moisture on the ceiling. I would request if you have an AIR Diverter which will change the direction from ceiling to downwards. Actually it is the contrary of the standard diverter.

  • Tomaž Plešec

    Air diverter for ceiling cassette unit,type of non-adhesive,with C-clip.

    please send offer for one cassette

  • Kashyap Patel

    I need these air flow deflectors for my 4 cassette ACs very urgently in Surat, Gujarat, India

  • Strashimir


    Can you tell me what is the price per item for this air diverters, Size: long 54cm X wide 20cm?
    Also, how much would it caused the delivery of 4 pieces to Sofia, Bulgaria (that is in Europe)?

    Strashimir Tsachev


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