Air conditioning compressor starting capacitor



Air conditioning compressor starting capacitor 1

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Description: Air conditioning capacitor 20 25 30 35 45 50 75UF CBB65 compressor air conditioning starting capacitor 450V
The capacitors shown in below article are suitable for Gree air conditioner, Midea air conditioner, Haier air conditioner, Daikin air conditioner, Chigo air conditioner, Oaks air conditioner, Hisense air conditioner, Mitsubishi air conditioner, Panasonic air conditioner, Galanz air conditioner. . . . . . and other brand air conditioner.



Air conditioning compressor starting capacitor 20uf 450VAir conditioning compressor starting capacitor 25uf 450VAir conditioning compressor starting capacitor 30uf 450VAC Outdoor unit compressor starting capacitor 35uf 450VAir conditioning compressor starting capacitor 40uf 450Voutdoor unit compressor starting capacitor 45uf 450VCompressor starting capacitor 50uf 450V starting capacitor 60uf 450VSPLIT Air conditioning compressor starting capacitor 75uf 450V


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General Knowledge on “Air conditioning compressor starting capacitor ”
  • Why do air conditioner compressors start with capacitors?
    Because the single-phase current flowing through a single -phase motor cannot generate a rotating magnetic field , a capacitor is needed to separate the phases, so that the current in the two windings produces a phase difference of approximately 90 , to generate a rotating magnetic field .
    There is a starting coil inside the starting capacitor motor , which will work when starting.
    Generally, a single-phase current flowing through a single-phase AC motor winding cannot generate a rotating magnetic field , and therefore various single-phase motors need to have their own special structure, and change a magnetic field having no rotating property into a magnetic field having a rotating property.
    Start capacitive formula: Start capacitive phase-shifting effect of the current flowing through the two filter windings produce about 90 degrees of phase difference , thereby changing the magnetic field is a rotating magnetic field. The refrigerator compressor is equipped with a starting capacitor for the motor to generate a rotating magnetic field and enhance the starting force instead of “regulating”.
    Another example is the cover pole type: the cover pole short circuit ring has a phase difference between the magnetic flux generated by the short-circuit ring portion and the pole surface without the short-circuit ring portion , and the magnetic field on the magnetic pole surface becomes a continuous movement from the uncovered portion to the covered portion. Rotating the magnetic field. Another example motor phase resistance: For the main winding starting current and a secondary winding starting current
    There is a phase difference in time, the main winding is wound by a thicker wire and has a larger number of turns, which is embedded in the outer layer of the stator slot; the secondary winding is wound by a thinner wire and has fewer turns, and is embedded in the inner layer of the stator slot. . The main winding has a small resistance value and a large inductive reactance value, and the secondary winding has a large resistance value and a small inductive reactance value. When the current passes through the two windings, it becomes a two-phase current with a phase difference, and the starting electromagnetic torque is generated . After the motor is started, the secondary winding circuit is disconnected by the relay switch (heavy hammer type or ptc), and the motor is operated by the main winding. 90% of the refrigerator compressor is the use of this split-phase motor, no configuration start capacitor device.
  • The starting capacitor for the air conditioner compressor can be checked by the high blocking of the multimeter.1. When the normal capacitor is detected, the hands will swing to the right first, and then slowly return to the starting position on the left side (the resistance is infinite).2. When detecting capacitors:(1) If the needle does not move, it indicates that there is an open circuit inside the capacitor.} If the needle swings to the right to zero ohm position, it will not return, indicating that there is a short circuit in the capacitor;(2) After the hands are swung to the right, they cannot be returned to the infinite position of the resistor, indicating that the capacitor is leaking;(3) The angle at which the hands swing to the right is small, indicating that the capacity of the capacitor has decreased.In the above cases, the capacitors under test can no longer be used.
  • The starting capacitor of the compressor of the air conditioner is broken, the outside machine does not move.
    In this way, the capacitance of one air conditioner compressor is broken, the outside machine does not move, the fan starts to move for a few seconds and stops, it does not move, the indoor unit is normal, and the external machine has no voltage. I changed the compressor starting capacitor. no problem, also moved the fan, compressor no problem …expand
    Air conditioning capacitor is broken, such a situation, the following method may try to reduce this situation:
    1, the air conditioner compressor capacitor is mounted in the outdoor unit. Since the high temperature of the outdoor machine ( temperature + condenser distributed temperature), therefore, the use of longer years capacitor device, the electrolytic solution is easy to dry, fail.
    2. The capacitor of the air conditioner compressor is easy to dry and fail, which is a common fault. When replacing capacitors, be sure to use high-quality capacitors. [The capacity must be the same, and the withstand voltage is not lower than the original standard].

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