Air Conditioner Washing Machine

Air Conditioner Washing Machine

Air Conditioner Washing Machine,12V A/C washing motor pump tool kit

A water pump to flush air conditioner coil fins and outer plastic cover.High pressure enought to remove any dirty scaled on the condenser or evaporate,working with washing bag together when clean a split air conditioner.It is a tool box to clean Condenser Evapoate Coil, for washing and cleaning aluminium coil  fins in outdoor&interior door unit and all air conditioner system.Top quality water pump is built in the box,inlet pipe with a filter,and outlet pipe is coil state,reach 900cm.the water pressure can reach 0.9Mpa,which is enough to remove all type dirty on your air conditioner.Pressure can be adjusted can do with different type coils.A must-have tool for service company to maintenance air conditioner.

Feature: 220V/12V,50Hz,80W,0.9Mpa water pressure.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Advantage of Coil cleaning machine :

√ All in one box.Clear package for you to easy take and operate;
√ Light weight;
√ Type: Hand carry;
√ Quick open and work effectively,quickly arrange pipes into the tool box.
√ High pressure.Water pressure reachs 0.9Mpa,enougth to do with air conditioner cleaning;
√ Can work in continuous time.It can work more than 8 house in continuous;
√ Professional design and nice looking.A must-have tool kit for AC maintenance service company,Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors & HVAC Service Contracts;
√ Can put your logo or company information onto the box.

Feature of Coil cleaning machine :

  • Voltage 220V,50Hz,(If you need 110V,pls let us know as note);
  • Working voltage: DC12V.
  • Power:80W;
  • Flow(Max): 5.5L/min.
  • Pressure(Max): 0.9Mpa.(Pressure can be adjusted);
  • Machine box size: 35x25x22cm;
  • Weight:4kg


HVAC coils Washing Machine  Air Conditioner Washing Machine 1 design or component of ac washing machine

splash-proof design for cleaning work

  • Description:Air Conditioner Cleaning Equipment,AC washing and cleaning tool kit.
  • Function:Washing air conditioner;cleaning evaporator/condensor aluminium fins(indoor unit & outdoor unit);
  • Voltage: ,80W;Input Voltage Range from 110V-250V,50HZ-60HZ;
  • Water Pressure: regulate from 1Bar to 9Bar;
  • Inlet(suction) pipe long: 135cm, with filter;
  • Outlet(spraying) pipe ling:900cm;
  • Outlet pipe: coil type,made from PU,which can stand high pressure;
  • Sprayer gun: 360° rotary;
  • Brush is built with spraying spout together,finish  scrubing,flushing and brushing in one time;
  • Panel is made from glass plastic;
  • All in a box,light weight and portable,best AC service kit for cleaning;

The Air conditioning cleaning equipment,Air conditioner washing machine is a device that utilize self-priming pumps to produce high water pressure to remove dirty dust and thus cleaning air conditioner.It is portable and easy to carry, The sprayer gun have three opitional ways to adjust:atomized, mist, and water column.Water pressure can be regulated by hydraulic pressure control valve on the operating panel .The device also has a shutdown function when there is no water, when the spray gun is closed, the pressure switch will shut down and stop water;If turn on the spray gun,then began to spray.By this way,you can avoid complex manual operational.

Using the machine to clean air conditioner – Instructions(Take split wall-mounted indoor unit as an sample):
1.Disassemble outer plastic shell from the A/C indoor unit to expose the evaporator fins. And then use the washing bag to cover onto the unit,notice to cover the electric circuit part;Put a water bucket (for collecting grey water) under the washing bag and put the drain pipe into the bucket.
2.Spray the chemical liquid onto the fins and plastic parts,wait some minutes to let the chemical liquid dissolve the dust; At the same time,place the cleaning machine on a table or on ground. Put a water bucket (for supplying clean water) on the ground and put the suction pipe with filter into the water.
3.Put in power plug and switch on the machine, Switch on Radiation Fan; Rotate the knob of “Cleaning Pressure” to Max.; Press the “Hand Pressing Switch” to drain out air until to spray out the pressured water,and then loosen the handle switch to stop for waiting use;
4.First,use the fin brush to brush on the fins,and then use the water gun to spray the fins,cross flow fan and plastic parts. The spout is built with brushing,you can do flush-cleaning work as well as brushing work together.You can rotate the spout to adjust the different spraying shape.
5.After cleaning the fins, clean the disassembled plastic parts and filter.Then use the cloth or towel to dry all parts. And then re-assemble the indoor unit;then clean the outerdoor unit.
6.Finally drain out the water in the pipe in order to keep inside of machine dry.

Five advantages:
1, Curve PU tube: This tube can withstand 30bar pressure, effectively prevent burst pipes, curved design can be ease the scalable, space-saving and effective working.
2,360° rotary sprayer gun: This sprayer gun can be random grab and spray jet evaporator onto air conditioner, light weight and convenient to use; The nozzle can be freely converted into atomized, mist, and water column.
3,Patent design:Coil brush is built-in jet-outlet;Effectively to flush away the cumulated dirt;Let free-chemmical washing becomes possible;
4, the pressure regulating valve: This function can follow the cleaning portion from the minor large, effectively giving different cleaning pressure depending on the part.
5, diaphragm pumps: This device has the function with self-priming pressure to water, the pressure switch.The pump is compact and lightweight; pressure switch function can effectively avoid excessive pressure burst pipes phenomenon, when it reach the set pressure,it will automatically shut down the motor, effectively protect the motor life.

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  • Cleaning cover is used to collect the waste water from indoor unit after cleaning
  • Water bucket is used to supply water and load the waste water from cleaning cover;
  • Cylinder is used to load chemical cleaning water to spray onto the fins;
  • Screwdriver is used to uninstall and install indoor unit;
  • Fins brush is used to remove dirty material from the fins;
  • Tools bag is used to collect tools into a bag in order to convenient taking;
  • Cleaning towel is used to remove water and make dry after cleaning;
  • Fins comb is used to straighten aluminium fins;

tool kit bag for washing equipment
Arrange all tools in a  waist packed bag for easy to take.

arrange all tools into a bag kit tool kit bag for cleaning ac system washing air conditioner

How to wash air conditioner unit with Air Conditioner Washing Machine?

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