Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor


Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor

Item: Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor,with copper head or plastic head

Short description: Used to sensor temperature in air conditioner room.

Epoxy head Sensor 5K for Minisplit
Epoxy head Sensor 10K for Minisplit
Epoxy head Sensor 15K for Minisplit
Epoxy head Sensor 20K for Minisplit
Epoxy head Sensor 25K for Minisplit
Epoxy head Sensor 50K for Minisplit
Copper Sensor 5K for Minisplit
Copper Sensor 10K for Minisplit
Copper Sensor 15K for Minisplit
Copper Sensor 20K for Minisplit
Copper Sensor 25K for Minisplit
Copper Sensor 50K for Minisplit

Types: copper head  or epoxy head,wire with plug.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models and Details on “Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor”
Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor 2
① Resistance Parameter: R25=15K±1%,B25/50=3950±1%(Take 15K sensor as example)
②Wire: 24#2468 standing 80℃ PVC L=400MM
③Copper head(M5X25) or Epoxy head(M5X15)

Air conditioning temperature head air conditioning temperature sensor

Tube temperature probe size 5mm*25mm

Room temperature probe size 5mm (the thickest part) *15mm

Air Conditioner Temperature SensorAir Conditioner Temperature Sensor 3

 Electrical parameters:
Item Testing targetTesting conditionsMin.StandardMax.Unit
1Nominal resistance valueThermostatic 25±0.05℃9.81010.2
250℃ resistance valueThermostatic 50±0.05℃/3.5884kΩ/
3Temperature coefficient B values/391039503980K
4Heat dissipation coefficientstatic air1.5//mW/℃
5Thermal time valuestatic air//20S
6Insulation resistanceDC=500V  static air100//
7The maximum operating current///8mA
8Rated operating current//5/mA
9Rated power///50mW
10Operating temperature range-50 – +80℃
Environmental testing and reliability parameters:
ItemTesting targetTest conditions△R/R25
1Dry heat storage80±2℃ in air to stand 1000h。≤±2%
2Heat storageHumidity 95%,Temperature 40±2℃ in air to stand 1000h。≤±2%
3Cold storage-50±2℃ in air to stand 1000h。≤±2%
4Wen Chong-30±2℃,30min;+100-3℃,30min Alternately 20 times,
An interval of time <5s。
5Load durabilityDC=1mA,TA=40±2℃,Humidity 95%,time 1000h。≤±2%
6Thermal shocksample stay +80±3℃,20min,
Cooled at room temperature 20min,Alternately 20 times。
7WeldabilityWire stay 235±5℃ Tin bath immersed welding 2±0.5s,Solder coverage area on the wire ≥90%。≤±1%
8Drop TestSamples from 1mm height free drop on the board 10 times≤±1%
9Lead strength20N lead role in pulling heavy objects 10±1s≤±1%
10Room temperature driftStore 1000h at room temperature≤±1%

Result:After the above environmental test, resistance was no visible damage.

temperature sensor parameter

R25℃=15KΩ B25℃/50℃=3950

Buying Guide to “Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor”
  • The  temperature sensor is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • More types of temperature sensor for air conditioner are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: ,we can supply a favourite item you need.
General Knowledge on “Air Conditioner Temperature Sensor”

Air conditioner temperature sensor is a negative temperature coefficient thermistor, referred to as NTC, its resistance decreases with increasing temperature, and increases with decreasing temperature. Resistance at 25 ℃ for nominal value. NTC common failure for resistance becomes large, open, damp mildew resistance changes, short circuit, plug and seat a bad contact or leakage, etc., caused by air conditioning air conditioning failure caused by abnormal terminal voltage detection CPU’s. Conditioned common indoor ambient temperature NTC NTC, indoor coil NTC, NTC and other three outdoor coil, more upscale air conditioning also apply outside ambient temperature NTC, compressor suction, exhaust, etc. NTC.

NTC in the circuit, there are two ways:
A temperature change so that the change in resistance NTC, CPU also changes the voltage of the terminal, CPU determines in accordance with a change in voltage of the air conditioner operating state. Ambient room temperature NTC effect: NTC ambient room temperature according to the set of working conditions, indoor environment temperature detection or automatic start-stop frequency. Fixed-frequency air temperature difference between the indoor temperature range for the set value + 1 ℃, that is, if the cooling set 24 ℃, when the temperature drops to 23 ℃ compressor stops, when the temperature rose to 25 ℃ compressor; if the heating set When given 24 ℃, when the temperature rose to 25 ℃ compressor stops, when the temperature dropped to 23 ℃ compressor. Worthy of note is the temperature setting range is usually between 15-30 ℃, so the ambient temperature is below 15 ℃ refrigeration does not work, the heating temperature above 30 ℃ ambient temperature does not work. Inverter air conditioner according to the set temperature and the room temperature difference frequency control, the higher the greater the difference between the operating frequency of the compressor, so soon after the compressor start speed increase. Indoor coil NTC: indoor coil control cold too cold (below + 3 ℃) protection detection, cooling the lack of fluoride detection; anti-cold wind blowing heating, thermal protection testing. Air conditioning and refrigeration 30 minutes to automatically check the indoor coil temperature reach 20 ℃ cool if the automatic diagnosis and the lack of fluoride protection. Ruoyin some reason the indoor coil temperature drops below + 3 ℃ to prevent frost also shut down (too cold) heating the indoor coil temperature is below 32 ℃ within the fan does hair (anti-cold), higher than 52 ℃ outside the fan stops, higher than 58 ℃ compressor stall (overheating); some air conditioning and heating in the automatic control of fan speed, and some air conditioning automatically switches electric auxiliary heat, inverter air speed. Outdoor coil NTC: temperature detection defrost heating, refrigeration condensing temperature detection. Heating heat pump defrost is an important feature, the first frost of CPU timing (usually 50 minutes), after the frost from outdoor coil NTC control (typically -11 ℃ To defrost, + 9 ℃ then heating). Refrigeration condensing temperature of 68 ℃ stop compressors, high pressure switch instead of the role of the reduced frequency inverter cooling coil prevent continue to heat up. Outdoor ambient temperature outside NTC control fan speed, winter warm-up compressors exhaust NTC: make frequency machine down to avoid overheating the outside, the lack of fluoride detection inspiration NTC: controlling the flow of refrigerant, stepping motor control section valve to achieve.

Failure analysis of indoor and outdoor coil:NTC highest failure rate, failure is also a wide range of phenomena. Indoor and outdoor coil temperature at NTC due to the changing position and condensation or high environment, so the failure rate is relatively high. Mainly in the power supply is normal and the machine does not work, the work of a short stop, the fan is not running out of the machine within the normal heating, the fan does not work outside or abnormal shutdown, the compressor does not start, poor frequency, frequency does not work, heating no frost and so on. Defrosting faults can substitute the outdoor coil defrost board NTC or outdoor. NTC also check the room ambient temperature when the power supply and air conditioning does not work properly. Working non-stop air conditioning or reach the set temperature down, it must first check the ambient room temperature NTC, inverter air conditioner is not working properly and it will be relevant. If a problem occurs due to the ambient room temperature NTC will make the CPU misjudged the ambient room temperature and cause malfunction. 1. The room ambient temperature sensor resistance becomes larger, causing frequent air conditioner starts. 2. indoor pipe temperature sensor resistance decreases, causing the machine to start shortly protection. 3. The ambient room temperature, pipe temperature thermal properties change, causing malfunction 4. Indoor air conditioning duct temperature change is 0Ω, resulting in the whole remote boot no reaction 5. air conditioning failure, in addition to the work that satisfies CPU + 5V power reset clock oscillation, but also to measure the power, voltage, current is up and running properly, the detection of the sensor is also very important.

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  • Arshad Fareed

    i want to know the best suitable Coil temperature sensor for Heir HSU-12HNH DC inverter model.
    Can you please communication its specification (5k/10 k etc.)
    I need to replace the existing, because my unit dost not stop. It continuesly running and dont stop with the set temprature. So i need to change its coil sensor.

    A quick reply will be highly appreciated


  • Oscar Armando

    Hello, I need both copper head and epoxy head sensor for my AC unit model:

    Who do I need to contact to buy them? I need them ASAP.

    Thank you.

  • Dennis orozco

    I need the temperature sensor for mini split carrier 18000 btu model 42kgc019303.

  • naveen kumar

    i need ntc 10k sensor with 2 meter length probe of both copper head and plastic head of 100 numbers

  • Baltazar

    I have a special need for a low temperature sensor or switch. The switch is normally close, and when it reaches 4 Celsius will open. I will use it in an air conditioner unit, and the temperature range will be between 8-20 Celsius.

    The switch can also be open and when the temperature is in 4 Celsius, closes.

    I am testing a new product, please give me quote.Thank you


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