Ductless Air Conditioner Sterilizing Machine


Air Conditioner Sterilizing Machine

Ductless Air Conditioner Sterilizing Machine

Brief Description: Air sterilization machine.A Technology for germ free and cleaning for HVAC system.It is an air purifier machine used to sterilize for split mounted air conditioner `s coil with utilizing ozone technology,get the result of 100% sterilizing effect. When an air conditioner works long years,there will be much virus on the fins,the solution is to use an ozone sterilizing treatment machine.Let you have a clean and healthy air conditioner system.

Best Feature:Ozone technology to get 100% sterilizing purpose for split air conditioner;

Manufacturer: Smartclima Co.,Ltd. ;  Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Models & Details for “Air Conditioning Sterilizing Machine”

Advantage :

√ Ozone sterilization, no residues of toxic substances;
√ Using Oxygen sterilization to taste, vitality is high, wide and fast, no dead fungicide;
√ A good service kit for air conditioner cleaning and sterilizing;
√ Small tool box.Clear package for you to easy take and operate;
√ Light weight for easy taking;
√ Type: Hand carry;
√ Quick open and work effectively,quickly arrange pipes into the tool box.
√ Timing funtion;
√ Comes with cover for sterilizing split&Ceiling&standing air conditioner;
√ Professional design and nice looking.A must-have tool kit for AC maintenance service company,Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors & HVAC Service Contracts;

Feature :

  • Input Voltage Range from 220V,50HZ (110V can be customized);
  • Power:15W;
  • Ozone: 500mg/min.
  • Ozone pipe: 300cm;
  • Machine box size: 37x20x15cm;
  • Comes with sterilizing cover(for split&Ceiling&standing air conditioner);
  • Weight: 1.6kg

Air Conditioner Sterilizing Machine Split air conditioner Sterilizing Machine AC Coils Disinfecting Machine AC Indoor unit disinfecting Machine Ductless Air Conditioner Sterilizing Machine 1 Ductless Air Conditioner Sterilizing Machine 2

How to use “ Sterilizing Machine”

1.Cover A/C indoor unit and insert the sterilizing pipe;
2.Set timing for sterilizing 15-30minutes usually;
3. After sterilizing, open door and window for ventilating.

Ductless Air Conditioner Sterilizing Machine 3

Buying Guide to “Air Conditioner Sterilizing Machine”
  • The machine listed above is available for retail and wholesale;
  • We accept to put your logo onto the machine box if you place order in bulk quantity;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Contact for more details and prices.
General knowledge for “Air Conditioner Sterilizing”

Ozone sterilizing machine works

Ozone is an oxidant. Ozone (O3), sometimes called “activated oxygen”, or “triatomic oxygen”, contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breathe. Ozone is the second most powerful oxidant in the world and can be used to destroy bacteria, viruses, and odors.

Ozone is a gas at ambient temperatures and pressures with a strong odor. Ozone can be produced as a gas from oxygen in air, or concentrated oxygen. This ozone gas can be dissolved into water, or used in the gas phase for a variety of home applications,including air conditioner.

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