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1) Features

More than 500 codes in one and 508 in one;
Beautiful shape and ingenious;
Big capacity can control almost all A/C in the world;
Accurate clock display and function of timer on/off;
Function of code memory;
Simple setting and convenient use, full function and reliable performance;
Function of model selection by code input and model selection by auto search;
Two operations:Model selection by code input & Model selection by auto search

2) Technical Parameters

Controllable distance: Large than 8 meters.

Power supply voltage: DC3V

Battery model: Battry AAA(UM-4,R03)*2

Dimension: L128mm*W46mm*D25mm

Weight: Approx.50g(excl.the batteries)

3) Attention

1.If it is not used for a long time, remove the battery to avoid leakage liquid of the battery to damage the machine. When the LCD looks dim, please change batteries. (New and old batteries can not be used together) After the batteries are replaced every time, it is not necessary to set model code again.

2.As usual the LCD only display the time when pressing model codes “Enter” key, you can find the code and it is showed on LCD. After 5 seconds it returns time.

3.Check carefully that there is no remora between remote controller and Air conditioner when the time on/off doesn’t work. Because the operation is effective only when the air conditioner receives the timer on/off signal from remote controller.

4.The manufacturer keeps the right to change the parameter and function of product.


*It  is sanyo air conditioner remote control , for tcl remote control , remote control air conditioner aux ,air conditioner remote control for chigo, daikin air conditioner remote control, hyundai remote control ,lg air conditioner remote control, york remote control.

KT-518-3 KT-518-4

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  • Xolani

    Can I use KT-518 Unitherm remote to Dayte(Daewoo) aircon? If yes what is the correct code?

  • Nelisa

    Hello I bought the kt-518 remote, may I have the code for the Logik aircon

  • Nelisa

    Hello, May I have the Code for Logik aircon

  • Iliya

    how can i change the temperature from F to C

  • Heather

    I have a carrier ac unit.
    Tried everycode on the list and it will still not work.
    Any better ideas than starting at 0 and working my way up?

  • Adrian

    I have a Totaline AS-12HR4FME split A/C but cannot find the brand on any of the universal control remote code sheets. Anyone know whether there is a compatible brand? I have an KT-518 a/c Pilot remote but the batteries were flat for so long I assume the remote lost its code selection.

    • Smartclima


      Mettre des piles neuves et faire un reset

  • Pamela

    How do you change the setting on the remote from Fahrenheit to Celcuis?

    • Smartclima


      Press the “TEMP” up & down buttons at the same time.

  • Zanefa

    Please help me find a code for General AOH12RSJC

  • Caronne Jones

    Do you have code for making aircon until light “sleep”/hide thanks

  • Lufuno Mudau

    How do I increase the speed of the fan as I struggling with that

  • Gary

    Can you please advise were I can purchase the KT518 a/c remote within Australia or direct me to which Australian company purchase your product for sale within Aus

  • patricia

    hola necesito 100 controles remotos de aire acondicionado kt 518 cuanto cuestan y cuanto tarda la entrega gracias?

    • Smartclima


      hello,the remote controller code kt518 is available.We`ll send you price into your email immediately.

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