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Air conditioner parts for assembling and repairingac-installation-parts-1copper-and-brass-1assembling-and-repairing-2

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Item: Air conditioner parts for assembling and repairing

Short Description: including the acceorry and parts to assemble and repair air conditioner sysem.Mainly are that replacement parts,Including A/C compressor,remote controling system,air conditioner fan motor and wire cables.Quality&warranty can be assured.

Types & Models: See below. More items will be available upon to request.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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A quality and smart air conditioner system must be composed every quality parts. Good quality parts together compose a good quality air conditioner.Conventional air conditioners have major parts. Compressor serves as the electric pump that circulates the refrigerant between the condenser and evaporator coils in a closed loop. Condenser coil facilitates the heat transfer. It removes the heat from the heated gas refrigerant and makes the latter back into its liquid form. Evaporator coil receives the liquid refrigerant and uses the heat around it for the liquid to boil. Its low pressure allows the refrigerant evaporates into a gas again. Expansion valve is found in between the two sets of coils. It regulates the movement of refrigerant into the evaporator. An air filter traps pollen, dust and other airborne particles through the air conditioning equipment. Remote controller are used to control the unit on or off.Other parts of an air conditioning system are fan, motor,capacitor,air handling unit, and drainage system and pan. These parts can be found on other types of air conditioning equipment mentioned above.Smartclima try to supply quality these parts for world customers…

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Air conditioner remote controller KT-N828 Air conditioner remote controller KT-N818 Air conditioner remote controller KT-N808 Air conditioner remote controller KT-SUPPER1 Air conditioner remote controller KT-E03

Air conditioner remote controller KT-G001 Air conditioner remote controller KT-E02 Air conditioner remote controller KT-E01 Air conditioner remote controller KT-518 Air conditioner remote controller KT-528

Air conditioner remote controller KT-508 Air conditioner remote controller KT-208A Air conditioner remote controller KT-109II Air conditioner remote controller KT-208 Air conditioner remote controller KT-100all

Air conditioner remote controller KT-1000 Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U12A Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U11A Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U10B+ Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U10A

Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U05PG+ Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U973 Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U03C+ Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U03A+ Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U02B+

Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U02B Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U20A Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U01A Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U02B Cool Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U02C

Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U06A Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U08A Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U08C Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U08PGC Universal Air conditioner control system QD-U30A


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Air Conditioner Fan Motor-1Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit Fan Motor YDK-55-6CYDK29-61-aluminium-wireYDK35-6YDKS-18-4

YDK-18-4 Air conditioner parts for assembling and repairing 1 YDK75-6c Air Conditioner Synchronous Motor Air conditioner parts for assembling and repairing 2

Air conditioning outdoor unit Axial Flow Fan Blade

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Air-Conditioner-Capacitor-sAir Conditioner Fan capacitorElectronic-expansion-valvetemperature-sensor

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Air Conditioner Contactor Coil

Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit Installation Lifting Tool

Air conditioner parts for assembling and repairing 3

Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Repairing Bracket


Split air conditioner outdoor unit assembled parts

split air conditioner outdoor unit structure

1. Front Grille Guard
2. Grille Guard Clip
3. Grille Guard Face Panel
4. Small Handle
5. Outdoor unit Fan Blade
6. Outdoor unit Motor
7. Motor Support
8. Outdoor unit Base
9. Air conditioner Compresssor
10. Partition Board
11.  Air conditioner Condenser
12. Outdoor unit Top Panel
13. Outdoor unit Back Net
14. Electric Installation Board Assembly
15. Outdoor unit Large Handle
16. Outdoor unit Right Panel
17. Low-Pressure Valve
18. High-Pressure Valve
19.Valve Installation Panel



Split air conditioner indoor unit assembled parts

split air conditioner indoor unit structure

1. Base
2. Cross Flow Fan Axletree
3. Cross Flow Fan
4. Cross Flow Fan Fixed Plate
5. Electric Heater
6. Evaporator Assembly
7. Room Temperature Sonde Frame
8. Louver
9. Outlet Part
10. Screw Cover
11. Middle Frame
12. Filtering Net
13. Face Plate
14. Step Motor
15. Armor Tubing
16. Plate
17. Motor Cabinet
18. Motor Platen
19. Motor
20. Electric Box Small Coverplate
21. Electric Box Cover
22. Electric Control Plate
23. Electric Box
24. Press Tube Plate
25. Wall-Mounting Frame
26. Remote Controller


Window air conditioner unit assembled parts

window air conditioner parts1. Face Plate Assembly
2. Guide Water Channel
3. Evaporator Assembly
4. Fan Front Frame
5. Knob
6. Fresh Air Door
7. Electric Box
8. Electric Box Cover
9. Centrifugal Fan
10. Windtunnel Volute
11. Fan Cap
12. Motor
13. Compressor
14. Motor Support
15. Base
16. Fan Frame
17. Axial Flow Fan
18. Condenser Assembly
19. Enclosure
20. Condenser Top Plate
21. Short Connecting Plate
22. Long Connecting Plate
23. Evaporator Top Plate
24. Filtering Net


Portable air conditioner unit assembled parts

portable air conditioner parts1. Top Panel
2. Filtering Net Assembly
3. Left Panel
4. Electric Installation Board
5. Up Volute I
6. Up Centrifugal Fan
7. Up Volute II
8. PTC Heater
9. Heater Support
10. Evaporator Assembly
11. Face Plate
12. Down Volute
13. Down Volute Fixed Plate
14. Condenser Assembly
15. Support
16. Base
17. Universal Wheel
18. Compressor
19. Water Tank Base
20. Water Level Switch Assembly
21. Water Tank
22. Right Panel
23. Forecooling Drip Pan Assembly
24. Partition Table
25. Down Centrifugal Pan
26. Down Volute Cover Plate
27. Motor
28. Exhaustion Board Assembly
29. Wire Netting
30. Installation Board
31. Exhaustion Hose Joint
32. Exhoustion Hose
33. Remote Controller


Standing type air conditioner indoor unit assembled parts

FLOOR STANDING air conditioner indoor parts1. Right Panel
2. Back Panel
3. Top Panel
4. Evaporator Assembly
5. Tubular Electric Heating Element
6. Left Panel
7. Middle Protection Plate
8. Intake Air Grill
9. Up Panel
10. Down Panel
11. Volute Supporting Board
12. Air Return Cup
13. Volute
14. Electric Box
15. Water Accumulation Pan Sheathing
16. Centrifugal Fan
17. Water Accumulation Pan Sheathing
18. Motor
19. Press Line Plate
20. Base
21. Press Tube Plate



Celling Cassete air conditioner unit assembled parts

CEILING-CASSETE air conditioner parts1. Air Inlet Grill
2. Indicator
3. Filter
4. Front Panel
5. Cover Body
6. Hanger
7. Louver
8. Gimbal Axis part 2
9. Step Motor Component
10. Plastic Bearing
11. Gimbal Axis part 1
12. Side Panel 1
13. Side Panel 2
14. Side Panel 3
15. Side Panel 4
16. Electrical Box Cover
17. Warning Diagram Board
18. PCB
19. Electrical System
20. Water Plate Component
21. Electronic Holder
22. Electronic Box
23. Main Fixing Plate
24. Sub-Fixing Plate
25. Evaporator Component
26. Top Foam Component
27. Pump Bracket
28. Pump Bracket Washer
29. Pump
30. Clip Nut
31. Fan Clip
32. Centrifugal Fan
33. Motor Washer
34. Motor
35. Bottom Plate
36. Fixing Hanger
37. Screw
38. Back Cover
39. Left Plate
40. Base Component
41. Right Cover
42. Front Cover
43. Maintenance Plate
44. Valve Plate
45. Drain Pipe Component

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  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized production;
  • More Air conditioner parts for assembling and repairing are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: ,we can supply a favourite item you need.
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