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What is the role of the external air conditioner capacitor?
Single-phase 220V power supply split air conditioner, there are 3 capacitors inside and outside the machine, the cabinet machine and the hook machine are the same. There is a capacitor in the internal machine, and there are 2 capacitors in the external machine. One is the external fan capacitor and the other is the compressor capacitor. The role is to run the capacitor.
The three-phase 380V air conditioner generally has only 2 capacitors, one for each of the internal and external machines, and the fan operating capacitor. The three-phase air conditioner compressor does not require a capacitor.

Under what circumstances should the air conditioner be replaced with compressor capacitors and fan capacitors?
1. Listen to the sound, the external machine presses for about 2 seconds, and the fan turns.
2. Remove the shell to see if the capacitor butt is up. Generally, there is a cross crack at the end of the capacitor. It is obvious that the bulge is obvious. Look at the terminal where there is no leakage, something like oil.
3, try another, this is The easiest way is.
4. The rust on the terminal leads to poor contact.

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