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Copper tube is often used in the field f refreigeration,and also to manufacture heat exchange equipment (such as condenser, etc.). It is also used to assemble low temperature pipeline in oxygen plant. Small diameter copper pipe is often used to transport pressure liquid (such as lubrication system, oil pressure system, etc.) and pressure pipe used as instrument.Copper pipe has the characteristics of firmness and corrosion resistance, and become the first choice of modern contractors in the installation of water pipes, heating and cooling pipes in all residential commercial houses.1. Copper is economic Because the copper tube is easy to process and connect, it can save material and total cost, stability and reliability in installation2. Copper is light For internally threaded pipes of the same internal diameter, the thickness of ferrous metal is not required for copper pipes. When installed, the transportation cost of copper pipe is smaller, the maintenance is easier, and the occupied space is smaller.3. Copper can change its shape Because the copper pipe can be bent and deformed, it can often be made into elbows and joints. Smooth bending allows the copper pipe to be bent at any angle.4. Copper is easy to connect.5. Copper is safe No leakage, no combustion support, no toxic gas, corrosion resistance.Smartclima can supply the following Copper tube items:(Notice: Many products weren`t uploaded onto the web,if you don`t find the needed items,or do you want to purchase, just email to us: [email protected], thank you.)

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