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Summary: The air conditioner remote control is a device for remotely controlling the air conditioner. It is mainly composed of an integrated circuit board and buttons for generating different messages. The remote controller is mainly composed of a microprocessor chip, a crystal oscillator , an amplifying transistor, an infrared light emitting diode and a keyboard matrix forming a remote control signal .Electrical performance requirements refer to electrical performance in addition to meeting the requirements , mainly including the following aspects :
(1) The static working current is ≤40 uA, and the battery life of the remote control is ≥1 year.
(2) When the power supply voltage is 3V, the receiving distance is > 10m, and when the power supply voltage is 214V, the receiving distance is > 7m, and the signal should be normal.
(3) Infrared emission peak irradiance: When the power supply voltage is 3V, the irradiance is ≥40 uWcm 2 , and when the power supply voltage is 2.4 V, the irradiance is ≥ 20 uWcm 2 .
(4) The directivity angle of the remote control is ≥20°.
(5) If there is a clock display, the clock accuracy is ≤5 s24 h

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