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Summary: Air conditioner compressor functions to compress and drive the refrigerant in the air conditioning refrigerant circuit . Air conditioner compressors are generally installed in outdoor units. The air-conditioner compressor extracts the refrigerant from the low-pressure zone and compresses it to the high-pressure zone for cooling and condensation. The heat sink radiates heat to the air, and the refrigerant also changes from a gaseous state to a liquid state, and the pressure rises.
The working circuit of the air conditioner compressor divides the evaporation zone (low pressure zone) and the condensation zone (high pressure zone). The indoor unit and the outdoor unit of the air conditioner belong to the low pressure or high pressure area respectively (depending on the working status). The refrigerant then flows from the high pressure zone to the low pressure zone, and is injected into the evaporator through the capillary tube. The pressure drops rapidly, and the liquid refrigerant immediately becomes a gaseous state, and a large amount of heat in the air is absorbed by the heat sink. In this way, the air conditioner compressor continuously works, and the heat of one end of the low pressure zone is continuously absorbed into the refrigerant and sent to the high pressure zone to be radiated into the air, thereby regulating the temperature.

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