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Summary: Method for changing air conditioner to universal computer board
1. Three connected to the motherboard wind speed, one connected to the capacitor, the other line of the capacitor is connected to L.
2. The remaining two are connected to N, and the other one is checked. It is the ground wire.
3. Unless the motor is not three speed. The three-speed motor is all five-wire system. More only the ground.

Pay attention to several problems:
1. After the original circuit board is damaged, if it can not be repaired, it is a common method to purchase the original board instead of the original board. The universal board is suitable for all brands of air conditioners.
2. Connect the indoor fan lead. If the lead wire is connected incorrectly, the indoor wind machine will have troubles such as running weak, no running, and large running current. When testing the machine, pay attention to whether the wind speed is normal. If the lead wire is connected to the wrong test circuit, only the copper foil of the common circuit board will be blown and soldered with ferrochrome wire. Under normal circumstances, the circuit board will not be damaged.
3. The universal board indoor unit wind speed is 3rd gear, such as indoor. The fan is 2nd speed, which can short the common board low wind and stroke output end, connect to the low wind end of the fan, and the high wind output end of the main board is connected to the fan high wind. At the end, the fan will not stop running when the wind speed is changed.
4. The wind power supply of the outdoor unit of the universal board is 1st gear. If the outdoor fan is 2nd speed, the low wind end is not insulated and the outdoor wind turbine is connected to the outdoor fan control end of the circuit board.
5. If the air conditioner has an auxiliary electric heating function, due to the large current during operation, the original machine is generally equipped with an external AC contactor or high-power relay. Do not remove it when replacing. Connect the auxiliary electric heating control output of the ventilation panel to the output. AC contactor or high-power relay coil control end, the auxiliary electric heating is indirectly controlled by the common board to prevent the common board from burning out. Similarly, the outdoor unit compressor control is the same.
6. Early air conditioner temperature control adopts voltage comparison type circuit. If the temperature sensor is damaged, it can be directly short-circuited or open-circuit test machine, and the air conditioner can be used for emergency use. Now the air conditioner is tested by the CPU motherboard. If the sensor is shorted or terminated, the CPU will stop the protection after detection.

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