Air conditioner outdoor unit air deflector

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Air conditioner outdoor unit air deflector to change air flow direction from outdoor unit,solve the trouble of air blowing.

  • Made from plastic PVC;
  • Quick and easy to assemble;
  • Supplied in flat pack format as packing;
  • Guide your air conditioner outdoor unit air direction and nice outlooking;
  • Helps prevent the recirculation of air from your air conditioners condenser, which at times, could have damaging effects for your system
  • Especially suitable for situations where the outdoor condenser is installed or mounted directly opposite a wall or in a restricted space with no sufficient air flow;

Size: 510x500mm,see below photo

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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air deflector guides the air in a different direction air conditioner outdoor unit side air supply deflector condenser air deflector

Buying Guide to “Air conditioner outdoor unit air deflector”

  • The  device is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized production;
  • Please contact us to email: ,we can supply a favourite item you need.

General Knowledge on “Air conditioner outdoor unit air deflector”

What is AC outdoor unit air deflector?
It is a kit that designed for deflecting airflow direction that distributing from air conditioner outdoor unit of ac system. It can guide air to flow different ways or direction, either upwards or downwards. It also can help to prevent the recirculation air from your air conditioners condenser, which at times, could have damaging effects for your system.

What is the benefit to equip this deflector?
If the warm air from outdoor condenser unit blows straight to hit onto a wall, fence ,neighbour`s window or doors,or even people directly…If it blows directly to a wall or a fence, this warm air then will recirculate back into the condensing unit. By drawing hot air back into it, your air conditioning system will need to work extra hard, all whilst losing its efficiency. For an air conditioning unit to work at its premium efficiency, the condensing unit needs to draw clean and fresh air.

Furthermore, if the condensing unit is directed towards an area that is being used for communal purposes, such as balconies, patios or courtyards, the warm air will blow directly towards people occupying the space. This can become extremely uncomfortable and undesirable, and in some cases, even unhealthy.

How does the deflector works?
Just screws it onto the grill of outdoor condensing unit, then the out air will be immdiately guided to a different direction.

After installed the air deflector

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  • Kamarul

    Size 60x60cm shipping to malaysia how much total?

  • eric

    want to buy 2, how much?

  • David johnson

    I would like an exhaust deflector 32 ” X 36″. Do you have something like this.

  • Renan Baddini Pinhata

    I’m from Brazil and we don’t have this kind of solution here!
    I realy need this device!
    I would like to know about the air conditioning outdoor unit deflector. How much it costs considering the shipping to Brazil?

    • ReviewX shop icon



      I would like to purchase one of your a/c deflectors.

      How much are they and what is the cost of shipping to Australia.


  • David Blackie

    Hi, I would like to buy an air deflector to fit a Fujitsu condenser outdoor unit. Can you give me a price including shipping & how long it would take to arrive in Perth, Western Australia.
    Thank you David

    • ReviewX shop icon



      Do you ship in the Philippines?

      Will it fit for 2.5Hp? Thanks

  • Attila Pfeiler

    Dear Seller!

    I would like to know about the air conditioning outdoor unit deflector. At what price would I get 2 piece for trial shipping in Hungary?
    Can you help me with this and send me the relevant prices?

    Thanks for the help!
    Attila Pfeiler
    From Hungary


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