Air Conditioner Negative Ion Generator


Air Conditioner Negative Ion Generator

Item: Air Conditioner Negative Ion Generator

Short Description:Your air conditioner shouldn`t be only a device which adjust indoor air temperature-cooling or heating. It should have some other function.The device introduced today is a surprised item,which can let your air conditioner become a air freshner.It can let indoor air be more fresh,more cleaning and thus more comfortable.Air Conditioner Negative Ion Generator,also names Air Freshner for air conditioner,Air Purifier,can generate a lot of  Negative Ion,which are taken to everywhere with the blown air from air conditioner.Do you want the feeling that live in fresh or close to the waterfall,where let you feel very comfortable?Yes,with this Negative Ion Generator,you can own this feeling in your air conditioner room.

Important Features:Generate and quickly Distribute much of Negative Ion to everywhere in room with the function of A/C blowing air(cooling or heating).Purify air and Let you feel fresh.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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AC-Negative-Ion-Generatorkill-bacteriaLet Air Condition become air purifier

Advantage :

√ Producing  electrostatic to remove dust;
√ Producing much of Negative Ion to let you feel live in forest or close to waterfall;
√ Improve people`s health;
√ Promote sleeping performance;
√ Very small power consumption,it takes 3W only;
√ The best partner to Air conditioner indoor unit.Clean indoor air and fresh air;
√ Easy installation and nice looking;

Feature :

Air Conditioning negative ion generator has the function to remove dust by electrostatic, clean air: negative ion generate high-voltage electrostatic which is conjunction with the air of smoke, dust particles, by the action of gravity, making the dust with static electricity, dust particles, resulting in the settlement, to dust purpose, can reduce air conditioning hardware failure rate.

  • Improve lung function: 30 minutes after inhalation of negative ions, the amount of oxygen the lungs can absorb an increase of 20% to 15% more carbon dioxide discharge.
  • Improve cardiac function: negative ions have significant antihypertensive effect, can improve cardiac function, increase myocardial viability.
  • Improve sleep: After negative effect, make people in high spirits, work efficiency, but also improve sleep, there are significant sedative and hypnotic effects.
  • Promote metabolism: negative ions can activate the body a variety of enzymes, promote metabolism.
    Enhanced disease resistance: anion can change body reactive, active reticuloendothelial system function, enhance the body immunity
  • Bactericidal function: anion easy adsorption bacteria, make it happen structural change and energy transfer, leading to bacterial disease and death.
  • With the blown air from A/C indoor unit,Negative Ion are taken to everythere in room and reach better cleaning effience.

Application :
Widely used for various types of air conditioner.It can works for wall mounted air condioner,ceiling mounting air conditioner, ground standing air conditioner,and so on.Very easy installation,just to stick it at the air outlet.

Dimension and Parameter:
Power Wattage: 3W,
Voltage: 220V,
Frequency: 50HZ,
Size: 86 * 36 * 23MM
Noise: 0
With four carbon brushes, 3200W release of negative ions!

*Suggest to use 1 unit per 10㎡ A/C room, 2 unit per 20㎡ A/C room, 3 units per 30㎡ A/C room…

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  • The item  is available for retail and wholesale;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
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General Knowledge on “Negative Ion Generator”

The role of negative ions to improve air environment is as following:

Currently Negative Ion has been used as an important criterion for evaluation of environmental and air quality. When people walk in the beach, waterfalls and forests, breathing will feel comfortable, relaxed and happy, one of the most important reason the air is rich in negative ions. The air environment deterioration was mainly due to the air are positive and negative ions concentration ratio imbalance, the air contains harmful gases and smoke, dust, viruses, bacteria and the like. On the one hand you can adjust the air ions positive and negative ion concentration ratio, on the other hand can also play a role in purifying the air and negative ions in the air can be invisible micron floating dust, attracted by the positive and negative ions, forming molecules collide sink floor, and two of bacterial proteins make negative reversed, leaving the bacterial viability decline or death. Anion air purification characteristics inactivated fast inactivation rate of microbial air, the surface of the article, bacteria, virus inactivation are.

Environment place Negative Ion concentration and relations of human health

“Corresponds to the concentration effect of negative ions form”
Forest Falls: 10 000 -2 million human body has a natural healing power
Alpine seaside: 5000-1 million sterilization to reduce the spread of disease
Rural Field: 1000-5000 enhance immunity, antibacterial
Wilderness suburbs: 100-1000 enhance immunity, antibacterial
Park: 400-1000 enhance immunity, antibacterial
City Park: 400-600 improve the health status
Street Green Belt: 200-400 weak improve physical health
City Room: 100-induced physiological disorders such as insomnia, headache
Office buildings: 40-50 induced physiological disorders such as insomnia, headache
Industrial Development Zone: 0 prone to various diseases
The above data from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Professor Ye Zhengtao collected.Negative Ion concentration table Unit: / cm3

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