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Summary: The overall structure of household air conditioners: household air conditioners are divided into refrigeration systems, ventilation systems, and electrical control systems. Refrigeration system: Compressors, condensers, evaporators, throttling tubes, thermal expansion valves, drying filters, etc. in air conditioners are all refrigeration systems. The refrigerant operates in a sealed conduit between the above components to carry, absorb and release heat, thereby ensuring that the temperature of the indoor air can be adjusted. Ventilation system: Fans and fan motors and ventilation ducts form the main part of the air conditioning ventilation system. Their function allows the air around the condenser and evaporator to circulate, the indoor air to circulate, and indoor and outdoor air exchange. Electrical control system: various circuits, such as compressor circuit, temperature control circuit, protection circuit, etc., the various components on these circuits and their specific composition form the electrical control system of the air conditioner. All components of each of the above systems become integral air conditioners if assembled in a single casing. If it is packaged in two or more cabinets, it becomes a split type air conditioner. The split type room air conditioner is divided into an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor unit mainly has heat exchanger components (evaporator components and condenser components), fans, globe valves and electrical control components, such as main control boards, switch boards, displays, remote controls, and the like. Outdoor units mainly include compressors, vapor-liquid separators, heat exchanger components (evaporator components and condenser components), extensions, globe valves, and electrical control components. At the same time, the necessary connection between the indoor and outdoor parts is the tube assembly… …

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