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Summary: Air conditioning installation procedures:
1. The internal machine is in place: the
first step of the construction team is to hoist the internal machine, as long as you pay attention to 2 points, you can avoid the follow-up problems.
a: The distance between the inner machine and the roof should not be less than 1 cm to avoid resonance with the top of the wall when the machine is running.
b: The inner machine hoisting needs to consider the slope of five thousandths, and the side of the condensed water should be slightly lower to avoid the condensed water not being discharged.
2. Installation of refrigerant copper tube:
Install the internal machine to install the refrigerant copper tube, which is the most important part of the central air conditioning installation process.
a: All solder joints should be welded at the junction of the copper tube and the branch tube. There is no copper tube and copper tube soldering.
b: During the welding process, nitrogen gas must be flushed into the copper pipe (nitrogen welding process), so that there is no air inside the copper pipe to avoid welding to cause the inner wall to be charred and thus enter the compressor during the normal operation to cause failure.
c: After the welding is completed, the pipe should be blown with high-pressure nitrogen gas to keep the copper pipe clean.
3. Nitrogen filling pressure:
This is the pressure test that must be performed on the copper pipe after the welding is completed . The copper pipe is filled with a certain pressure of nitrogen to maintain the pressure. The general pressure test time is 24 hours.
Special instructions are required: to use R410 refrigerant, the pressure inside the tube should be 40 kg, and the R22 refrigerant should be kept at 20 kg.
Nitrogen is an inert gas , and the coefficient of expansion is small, and there is almost no pressure change due to thermal expansion and contraction . If the pressure gauge drops during the test , you should check if there is a problem with the refrigerant tube welding.

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