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Summary:Air conditioning power saving methods:
1,do not covet the low temperature of the air conditioner, the temperature can be set properly. Because the air conditioner is cooled, the set temperature is 2 °C, which can save 20%. For people who are sitting or doing light work, the acceptable temperature in the room is generally between 27 °C and 28 °C.
2,the filter should be cleaned frequently. Too much dust can plug the mesh and make the air conditioner more laborious.
3, improve the maintenance structure of the room. For some rooms, the structure of the door and window is poor, and the gap is large, and some emergency improvement can be done; for example, the window slit is sealed with a glue paper tape, and a transparent plastic film, a sunshade curtain, and an indoor wall sticker are attached to the glass window. Wooden or plastic panels, painted white paint on the outside of the wall to reduce the loss of cold air through the outer wall.
4, choose an air conditioner with moderate cooling power. An air conditioner with insufficient cooling power can not only provide sufficient cooling effect, but also shorten the service life of the air conditioner and increase the possibility of using the air conditioner due to continuous operation for a long time. In addition, if the cooling power of the air conditioner is too large, the thermostat of the air conditioner will be switched too frequently, which will cause an increase in the wear of the air conditioner compressor , and at the same time, an increase in the air conditioner power consumption.
5. When the air conditioner is cooled, the position of the air deflector is adjusted to the horizontal direction, and the cooling effect will be better.
6. The air conditioning piping connecting the indoor unit and the outdoor unit is short and does not bend, and the cooling effect is good and does not require electricity. Keep the piping in a horizontal position even if it has to be bent.

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