Category: AC cleaning and maintenance materials

Summary: Air-conditioning cleaning is the main key to the maintenance and air-conditioning maintenance of air-conditioners. It is conducive to improving the cooling effect, shortening the cooling time, facilitating the air-conditioning energy saving, and prolonging the service life of the air-conditioner. It is an important part of rational use of air-conditioning and strengthening standard management.

The benefits of air conditioning cleaning:

1. Enhance cooling. After the special cleaning agent is cleaned, the air conditioner has no dust and no scale, the airflow exchange is smooth, and the cooling effect is obviously enhanced.

2. Good for health. After cleaning with special cleaning agent, it not only greatly reduces the incidence of “air conditioning syndrome”, but also purifies the indoor air and removes the strange smell generated by the air conditioner.

3. Extend the life of the air conditioner. After the special cleaning agent is cleaned, the working environment of the air conditioner changes, and the life of the air conditioner is extended. The air conditioner itself is clean as new.

4. Reduce power consumption. The air conditioning environment after cleaning changes, the work efficiency is improved, and the power consumption is reduced.

5. Reduce expenses. After cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioner, the failure rate is reduced, the power consumption is reduced, and the cost is virtually saved.

Smartclima supply the following AC cleaning and maintenance materials:

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