Category: Outdoor unit cover for protecting air conditioner

Summary: In life, you can often sees some residential buildings and some iconic buildings. The outside of the building is directly hung with air-conditioners that are rusted by the wind and the sun. It is really a beautiful scenery. The air-conditioner outdoor unit is suspended outdoors for many years, and it is exposed to the sun and rain, the wind and dust are eroded, and it is easy to rust and dust, which seriously affects the normal service life of the air conditioner. If the protection is poor, the dust will also enter, and the aluminum sheet inside the exhaust air sheet or the motor and the external machine will also cause the heat dissipation to be bad, and the outer casing is easily corroded and other serious consequences. The air-conditioner outdoor hood is created to protect the air-conditioner,save power consumption,and to beautify the residential building and to beautify the appearance of the building.

Smartclima supply the following Outdoor unit cover:
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