Category: Installation Tools

Summary: Commen Tools required for air-conditioning installation  1. Drilling class: electric drill (playing outdoor rack or indoor hanging board), rhinestone (air-conditioning hole), glass drill (glass hole);  2. welding machine (for pipe), inspection welding Whether the gas inside the machine is enough, whether it has a lighter ;  3. Long-term plugging;  4. Long rope (tied outdoor unit or person);  5. Copper tube, copper tube type and wire according to air conditioner model;  6. Outdoor rack , expansion screws , bottom corner screws;  7, kit: 14-17 board, 2 adjustable wrenches , plum screwdriver , hexagonal, hammer, needle-nosed pliers , nail box, black tape, scotch tape , banding, sludge , water pipes, shoe covers, etc.;Smartclima supply the following air-conditioning installation tools:(Notice: Many products weren`t uploaded onto the web,if you don`t find the needed items,or do you want to purchase, just email to us: [email protected], thank you.)