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Summary: Air conditioning This product needs to be installed before use, and the installation of air conditioner is divided into two parts: indoor unit and outdoor unit. The installation of the indoor unit and the outdoor unit is performed by a dedicated person. Before installing the air conditioner outdoor unit, it is first necessary to install the air conditioner bracket, because the air conditioner outside unit can be placed only after the air conditioner bracket is installed. Usually, most of the customers only come to understand the installation of the air conditioner and the air conditioner indoor unit. For the installation of the air conditioner bracket, there is not much attention. Then, everyone knows how the installation of the air conditioner bracket is? The following small series is going to introduce you to the installation steps of the air conditioning bracket.

The air-conditioning bracket has two pillars. We need to compare it to see if the two pillars are the same height. Then look at the screw eyes on the two pillars. Fix one of the station posts and the large blade in the air-conditioning bracket with screws. It does not need to be fixed so tightly at the beginning, then pull down the large blade that has just been fixed, and then pull it to the bottom. Use the 14-17 wrench to fix the fixing screw. When fixing the screw, pay attention to the screw to the outside, so that the screw can be better fixed. Then install the other column on the other side of the air conditioning bracket. The installation method is the same as the previous one. Finally, after installing the two columns, we will compare the installation positions on both sides.

When the air-conditioning bracket is installed, it cannot be installed on a soft wall surface, some is the wall surface of an old-fashioned house, and if it is a wall surface of a hollow brick, it is not allowed to be installed. Before the installation, the quality of the air-conditioning bracket is also required to be tested, because the installation life requirement of the air-conditioning bracket is at least ten years, so if the product quality of the air-conditioning bracket is not good enough, it is not allowed to carry out. Installed.

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