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Summary: Panel duct, middle layer of the phenolic composite duct is a phenolic foam , and the inner and outer layers are embossed aluminum foil composite. Composite ducts are currently the most widely used, including rubber-plastic composite ducts, phenolic, and glass magnesium. The composite air duct is a rubber-plastic composite duct system which is made of rubber-plastic composite insulation material and can completely replace the traditional air duct, damper, tuyere, static pressure box and heat insulation material in the air-conditioning air supply system.

The central air-conditioning traditional air supply duct usually adopts iron or glass steel in the inner layer , and is covered with thermal insulation material. The outermost layer is wrapped with aluminum foil, which makes the air supply duct self-contained, construction and installation cost, poor appearance, low air tightness and energy consumption. Big. Compared with traditional ducts, phenolic composite ducts have the following advantages:
1. Good heat insulation, can greatly reduce the heat loss of air conditioner
2. Sound elimination is good.
3. Light weight, can reduce building load, and easy to install
4. Durable and long service life
5. Lower the height
6. Can shorten the construction period

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