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Summary: Duct muffler has good mid-high frequency noise cancellation performance. According to the geometry of the airflow channel, it can be divided into straight tube type, chip type, folding board type, labyrinth type, honeycomb type, sound flow type, baffle type, elbow type and the like. The resistant muffler is suitable for eliminating low and medium frequency noise or narrowband noise. According to its principle of action, it can be divided into various types such as expansion type, resonance cavity type and interference type. The impedance compound muffler has acoustic filter components such as resonant cavity, expansion chamber and perforated screen. It combines the good mid-high frequency muffling characteristics of the resistive muffler and the good low frequency muffling characteristics of the impedance muffler, so its audio frequency bandwidth is It is one of the most commonly used standard muffler series. Suitable for wind speeds of 6 to 8 m / s, up to 8 to 12 m, can be used alone or in series. Noise reduction effect: low frequency 10~15dB/m, intermediate frequency 15~25dB/m, high frequency 25~30dB/m, average resistance coefficient is 0.4. According to “Air Conditioning”, the muffler elbow and the muffler static pressure box are all one type of muffler.

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