Category: Duct filters

Summary: The duct air filter is divided into four types: coarse, medium, sub-efficient and high-efficiency. Different quantities of air filters are installed in one pipe according to the amount of air flow. The filter section is installed in the duct of centralized air-conditioning system and sent into the indoor air. The dust particles are filtered out. To achieve high quality indoor air:
1. The filter absorbs dust from the air and reduces the harm to people. At the same time, dust particles have a certain impact on the operation of the equipment. Filtration of the filter will also reduce the impact of dust on the equipment.

2, the speed of bacterial reproduction is very fast, in order to improve the quality of the air environment, we must pay attention to the treatment of bacteria in the air. The air-conditioner filter can kill bacteria, ensure the quality of the air environment, and create a clean living environment.

3, air conditioning filter can play a perfect air purification effect, for benzene and carbon dioxide is purifying, but also with a certain bactericidal effect, can effectively block many infectious diseases of airborne transmission. At the same time, the air conditioning filter also has a certain deodorizing ability.

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