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Summary: The air-conditioning duct fan is the outdoor unit responsible for cooling or heating, and the indoor unit is responsible for conveying the cold air or hot air into the room, and transporting the indoor hot air or cold air to the outside through the pipeline to achieve the effect of cooling or warming.

The structure of the air conditioning fan:mainly composed of a casing, an impeller, an air inlet and an outer rotor motor.Case: The whole is made of galvanized steel plate bite, or made of high-quality cold-rolled plate bite. Its shape is smooth, heat-resistant, moisture-resistant and durable.Impeller: The forward multi-blade curved blade is riveted with the front plate and the middle plate. It is calibrated by strict dynamic and static balance to ensure stable operation, high efficiency and low noise.

Air conditioner fan structure and use:
Air inlet: through the mold processing, the cross section parallel to the axial direction is streamlined, which makes the gas smooth and the resistance is small.

Outer rotor motor: The two shaft ends of the motor are fixed on the air inlet, and the impeller is directly connected with the rotating shell of the motor, which reduces the transmission loss and improves the efficiency of the fan.

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