Category: Air cooled water recycling central air conditioner installation materials

Summary: Central air-conditioning sub-host and end-end water distribution system and wind system water system installation materials are water pipes (galvanized pipes, seamless pipes, UPVC pipes, etc.), brackets (angle iron, channel steel, U-shaped card, wooden pallet, expansion screws) Anti-corrosion (steel brush, brush, paint) insulation material (rubber sponge, gray sea surface, rock wool, etc.), water pipe connection (electrode, fuser) It seems like this, the wind system installation material has duct (galvanized duct) , FRP duct, composite duct), bracket (angle iron, hanging ribs, screw diameter 80, insulating strip,) tuyere installation (soft connection, rivets, iron bars), etc.

Smartclima supply the following Central Air Conditioner Installation materials:

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