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Summary: Damping pads and dampers commonly used in ventilation and air conditioning equipment include rubber damping pads, rubber shock absorbers, and spring dampers.

1. Rubber damping pad has good rubber elasticity, large damping ratio and convenient manufacture. It is a commonly used vibration isolation material. It can be used in one or more layers, but the rubber is susceptible to temperature, oil, sunlight, chemical solvents and is prone to aging. This type of damping device is mainly made of vulcanized oil-resistant nitrile rubber .
The rubber vibration isolating pad is used to cut the rubber material into the required area and thickness, and is directly placed under the device. Generally, it does not need to be fixed by pre-embedded bolts , which is easy to process and manufacture, and is easy to install, but it is easy to aging and deformation, and reduces the vibration-damping effect

2. The rubber damper is a conical elastomer made of nitrile rubber and is bonded to the inner and outer metal rings by shearing force. It has a low natural frequency and sufficient damping, good vibration damping, easy installation and replacement, and low price.
In general, rubber dampers should be used when the machine speed is n>1200r/min. The catalogue and design manual provide the necessary parameters to select the damper when the unit weight and static compression are known.

3. The spring damper consists of a single or several springs of the same size and a cast iron shield for the installation and hoisting of the base. Low natural frequency , large static compression, and carrying capacityLarge, good damping effect, stable performance, wide application, but the price is more expensive. In addition, a rubber plate of 10 mm thick is placed under the bottom plate of the spring damper to provide sound insulation. When the device speed.

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