Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Air Filter Anti-bacteria

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Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Air Filter Anti-bacteria

Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Air Filter Anti-bacteria composed by Electrostatic Filter and  deodorizing filter.

Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Air Filter technology is unique in its kind: a silane (silicone derivative that alters the properties of a surface permanently) binds an antimicrobial substance (quaternary ammonium) to obtain an organofunctional silane that is a molecule active against microorganisms. A direct contact with the microorganisms, the AEMINA behaves as “destroyer” of membranes interrupting the normal processes of life and killing the cell. The effect is caused by two forces: the first due to the aliphatic chain that attracts the membrane lipids, the second to the positive charge of the nitrogen atom is in contrast to the negative charge of the microbe. So the first can be likened to a sword, a second electro-destruction.
The advantage is that the effect does not diminish over time, nor is consumed but also is not released into the environment.

  • Treated with Anti-Microbial Polymeric Protection for optimum Indoor Air Quality
  • 90% Average Arrestance Efficiency
  • Permanent & Washable for a Green Living Environment
  • Anti-bacteria when the air though it.
  • They are certified by laboratories recognized by the Ministry of Health
  • Great value for money
KARN1FC 2 Electrostatic Filters mm 50 x 215
KARN2FC 1 Electrostatic Filter mm 50 x 207
1 deodorizing filter mm 50 x 206
KDKN1FC 2 Electrostatic Filters mm 50 x 215
KMTS1FC 1 Electrostatic Filter mm 53 x 210
1 deodorizing filter mm 53 x 210
KPNS1FC 1 Electrostatic Filter mm 41 x 273
1 deodorizing filter mm 41 x 272
KPNS2FC 2 Electrostatic Filters mm 41 x 275
KSMG2FC 1 Electrostatic Filter mm 50 x 160
1 deodorizing filter mm 50 x 160

* Size can be customized.

Air Conditioner Indoou Unit Air Filter

Electrostatic Filter

Air Conditioner Electrostatic Filter Air Conditioner Electrostatic Filter

Electrostatic Air Filter is made from adsorption activated carbon filter.It adopts the structure of aluminum honeycomb,plastic honeycomb or paper honeycomb with air holes. Compared with conventional activated carbon air filters,Electrostatic Air Filter has better aerodynamic performance, the small volume density, but large surface area, high adsorption efficiency. Honeycomb activated carbon filter is attached to the polyurethane foam containing powdered activated carbon steel, the carbon content is about 35% -50%. It has the features of high efficiency adsorption of activated carbon,can be used for air purification, the removal of volatile organic compounds as formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide, chlorobenzene and air contaminants. Small Air resistance, low energy consumption, deodorant under certain wind, odor, clean environment, with good purification effect.

It can be widely used to process contains toluene, xylene, benzene, benzene, phenols, esters, alcohols, aldehydes and other organic gases and odorous gases containing low concentrations of trace heavy metals, the amount of wind types of gas. Adsorption of gas concentration can be directly discharged after purification.

Deodorizing Filter

Air Conditioner Deodorizing Filter

Deodorizing Air Filter use a new cleaning composite materials — acidification titanium filtration, activated carbon, ceramic fiber, pulp and other advanced through a variety of rigorous processes refined, with the function of purifying the air, keep the air fresh, superior efficacy sweetening regeneration under light irradiation.
Photocatalyst is a nanoscale metal oxide material (commonly used titanium dioxide), which is applied to the substrate surface, forming a film after drying under the action of light, have a strong catalytic degradation function: it can degrade hazardous air gas; can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, antibacterial rate of 99.99%, and bacteria and fungi can break down and release toxins harmless treatment or; also has deodorant, dirt and other functions.

install Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Air Filter Anti-bacteria install Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Air Filter Anti-bacteria install Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Air Filter Anti-bacteria

Reasons to change the filters:

1 – Purify the air from pollutants
2 – Making better air
3 – Avoid the formation of bacterial cultures within the split
4 – Limit the allergens inside the rooms


Contents packaging The packaging can be of 3 types: electrostatic filters 2 1 electrostatic filter and a “deodorizing” 2 filters “deodorizing”

The packaging packaging Dimensions: H 38 cm – 7.5 cm L Cos’ is a filter ELECTROSTATIC? And ‘a filter that has ability to retain air impurities (bacteria, mites, ….) E ‘a composition of filter media (filter cloth) that can hold very small particles in the order of a few microns (bacteria, mites and pollutants that are attracted by the electrostatic charging of the filter).ELECTROSTATIC FILTER The back of the filter is composed of a network of activated charcoal to absorb any odors due to mold or spores. In filters of the electrostatic charge is constant along the entire surface of the filter. pleating on the front greatly increases the filtration area.Cos’ is a deodorizing filter? E ‘a filter that has the ability to absorb odors present in the environment (smoke , cooking, …) The filter “deodorizing” is a type of material used for technologically advanced air purification. With technology titanium has an odor-absorbing capacity considerably higher than a conventional activated carbon filter. Cos is l ‘ ANTIBACTERIAL AND ‘a chemical product that joins the filter POLYMERIZATION (chemical process that allows the union between antibacterial and electrostatic filter). Unlike other antibacterial or disinfectant “does not disperse in the environment” and therefore not dangerous. acts Contact for eliminating bacteria, and mold spores in the air.

Why it is important to replace them when expected? Why lose their electrostatic charge is exhausted the coal stink (the exhaustion of coal does not retain odors resulting from the decomposition of dead bacteria ) If they are very dirty bacteria proliferate and become hazardous to your health If you are covered by the antibacterial powder is ineffective

What happens if you do not change? The machine continues to run ….. but bacterial growth continues in the interior of the split is may experience at power plant: Odour Burning eyes light burning in the throat Filters on the market … 1 – the manufacture is often of poor quality 2 – The filter media is not homogeneous 3 – Do not have antibacterial 4 – There are electrostatic but cleaners (they retain only the smells and bacteria) 5 – Not certified by a laboratory recognized by the Ministry of Health (They analysis that apply merely to the antibacterial effectiveness in the filter but not the same) 6-They do not have the same electrostatic charge along the surface of the filter 7 – They do not have the network of active carbons 8 – They are not electrostatic filtering materials9 – They are less dense filter material (material with larger plot) 10 – Do not lie or are not readily available (only for original) 11 – They have high costs (only originals)

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HVAC Parts >>Air Conditioner Spare Parts>>Air Conditioner Energy Saving Devices>> Air Conditioner Indoor Unit Air Filter Anti-bacteria

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  2. We are manufacturers of Inverter Air Conditioners in India, and are looking for a Anti Bacteria Filter.

    Please send us the Price for 2 different type of dimensions KARN2FC
    and KPNS1FC

    or if you have a complete roll, we can cut the dimension to our requirement and use it.

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