Air Conditioner High Pressure Cleaning Machine,Luxury type

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High Pressure Cleaning Machine For Air Conditioner

Item:Air Conditioner High Pressure Cleaning Machine–Luxury type

Brief Description: The machine can produce high pressure,and use this high pressure water to flush air conditioner,fins and plastic shells to remove long-years dust and scale which are strongly attached onto the plastic and aluminium fins.Water pressure can be regulated if you want,max. 0.9Mpa,enougth to do with air conditioner cleaning.Light weight and a complete portable/hand-hold type cleaning device for  air conditioner.All parts are in an aluminium box,neat package.Best choice for A/C Cleaning Maintenance,Enjoy fresh air and health!

Best Feature:A machine all in one box,light weight and portable;DC12v;Water pressure can be regulated;Just by cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils with this machine to get clear and fresh air,and help your cooling system or air conditioner improve the working efficiency by 16%.

Manufacturer: Smartclima Co.,Ltd. ;  Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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Luxury type Air Conditioner washing and Cleaning machine

radiation fan and cooling systemFilters and Plug

Special design for flush washing and brush cleaning together

Special design for coil flush washing and brush cleaning together.Water sparks baffle can remove the phenomenon of water sparks jump onto ground.

Universal direction spraying rod

Universal direction flexible spraying rod,Bend to any shape and any direction,easy for you to clean any part of air conditioner.

good looking for your ac service working

Advantages of “Luxury Type”Air Conditioner Cleaning Machine :

√ A good and professional service tool kit for air conditioner cleaning and washing;
√ All in one box.Clear package for you to easy take and operate;
√ Light weight for easy taking;
√ Type: Hand carry;
√ Quick open and work effectively,quickly and clearly arrange pipes into the tool box.
√ High pressure.Water pressure reachs 0.9Mpa,enougth to do with air conditioner cleaning;
√ Can work in continuous time.
√ Cooling fan system is in-built in motor pump,blow out hot air from radiator hole at the back of box,keeps good air circulation for motor in tool box;
√ Special design for coil flush washing and brush cleaning together.Water sparks baffle can remove the phenomenon of water sparks jump onto ground;
√ Professional design and nice looking.A must-have tool kit for AC maintenance service company,Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors & HVAC Service Contracts;
√ Universal direction flexoble spraying rod,Bend to any shape and any direction,easy for you to clean any part of air conditioner;
√ Can put your logo or company information(In bulk order).
√ Help AC system to save energy by 15%  after cleaning AC system.

Features of “Luxury Type” Air Conditioner Cleaning Equipment :

  • Input Voltage Range from 110V-250V,50HZ-60HZ;
  • Output working voltage: DC12V,safe working.
  • Power:85W;
  • Flow(Max): 5.5L/min.
  • Pressure(Max): 0Mpa-0.9Mpa(0psi-115psi);Pressure can be adjusted
  • Inlet pipe: 135cm;
  • Outlet pipe: 800cm;
  • Sprayer gun: 360° rotary;
  • Brush is built with spraying spout together,finish  scrubing,flushing and brushing in one time;
  • Machine box size: 35X26X25cm;
  • Machine Weight:4.6kg
  • Can do with cleaning split air conditioner,ceiling air conditioner,or floor-standing air conditioner;
Features of “Luxury type Air Conditioner Cleaning Machine”
Why choose Smartclima? We use quality parts only! Our goal is “To make a trouble-free A/C  Cleaning Machine”
Parts Description Design & Features Advantages
Outer box Use aviation-grade aluminium frame tool box;
Panel thickness reachs 10mm.
Use luxury handle,and luxury lock.
Comes with tool holder bag
  • Water-proof,fire-proof,anti-vibration,big holding-capacity;
  • Nice appearance and comfortable to take;
  • Tool holder bag permit you to put some small tips or tools;
  • Looks professional,best choice for commerical cleaning service
Operation panel Use acrylic panel to keep it firm and luxury.
  • Acrylic panel is smooth,level,firm and luxury,it is the best choice for operation panel in machine.
Outlet pressure pipe Use PU pipe with coil desigh,length reachs 800cm;
Temperature range -20℃~ 60℃;
Tearing strength reachs 100kgf/cm²
  • High flexibility,high pressure standing, resistant to high and low temprature;
  • Good memory-recovery performance,easy and quick to stretching and coming back pipes,
  • 3 seconds to recovery pipe to coil shape into machine box after using, no disordering;
Spraying pressure gun Use stainless steel spraying rotary nozzle;
Coil brush is built with nozzle;
Water-sparks baffle is built with nozzle;
A filter in in-built in spraying gun;
  • Rust-proof;
  • Flush-washing and Brush-washing are done together;
  • No water-sparks splashes and jumps when washing coils;
  • A filter in gun can prevent dirt to block nozzle;
  • All connection parts are equiped with rubber washer, no leak.
Inlet suction pipe Use black silicone tube. Applicable temperature: -70℃ ~ +220℃
Hardness: 45°~ 80°,Tear strength: 4-8 MPA,
tear strength: 15 KN/M,elongation: 500-700%
  • Excellent flexibility, no kink resistance and high tear strength,non-toxic, low & high temperature resistance,long service life, long-term use without deformation, no discoloration, no hard, no frost,always keeps round.
Filter Use short filter and equip with add-weight.
  • Short filter can suct more water in bucket when it is close to be used up.
  • Equip add-weight on the filter can assure the filter deeply-immerse to the bottom of bucket.
Power cord Quality power cord with plug.
  • Quality branded power cord to assure security.
  • Many optional plug styles,UK style,Europe style,Australia style,standard style,etc…
Pump Quality pump,it is the core of the whole machine.
Cleaning Pressure: 0psi-130psi(Regulatable).
Type of pressure on/off,controlled by Spraying pressure gun.When press down the switch of gun,the pump starts to work; When loosen the switch of gun,the pump stops;
Cooling fan system is in-built in motor pump,blow out hot air from radiator hole at the back of box,keeps good air circulation for motor in tool box;
  • Double-ball bearing is adopted, the rotation is smooth and stable, and the service life is long;
  • Through dynamic balance detection, the vibration is small and the noise is small;
  • The coil is made of copper wire;
  • Diaphragm is made from TPV raw plastic pellets which is imported from the United States , high purity and long life;
  • Pump body is made from PA66+30% glass fiber material, high strength, pressure resistance, not easy to leak;
  • Pump cover is made from PPS plastic, high strength, high pressure resistance, not easy to leak;
  • Seat connecting rod is made from POM (using DuPont 100P toughened grade raw material), high strength, good toughness, not easy to crack, good wear resistance;
  • Springs are made of stainless steel wire, they are not rusty. Longer life;
  • Screws are all made of stainless steel, no rust, longer service life;
Pressure regulator Quality pump`s pressure regulator to increase or decrease water spraying pressure,this function is a good helper when you spray water(max.pressure) or spray chemical liquid(small pressure,to save liquid)
  • The regulator adopts an imported intelligent chip, which is designed according to the characteristics of the air conditioner cleaning machine pump. The regulator can be used for stepless speed regulation to control the voltage to get the wanted pump`s pressure ,and thus improves the working life of the pump.
Cooling system Equiped with radiation holes and radiation fan.
  • Speed 4800RPM,Air volume:18CFM,to prevent pump and whole system from overheat,to reach the purpose of long-time working.
Observation hole Design an obsvervation hole at the bottom of box.
  • If the system leaks,the water will flow out from this hole,to prevent electrical parts from water contacting.
  • And also,to let you know immediately once happen leakness,then stop machine immediately,and open the box to repair.
Instruction Paper Quality 100g Instruction Paper
  • The paper feels hard,seems good quality;
  • Shows the instruction of machine,and how to clean an air conditioner;
  • List some possible problems and solutions for the machine;
Repair possibility Simple design,quick assemble or unassemble
  • Trouble-free design.Easy and quick to assemble or unassemble.Easy to understand the circuit and easy to repair;
  • It`s possible to DIY repair if happen some problem.
System electric parameter Voltage input: 110V-250V; Voltage output: 12V; Power: 85W
  • To work for all countries`s voltage.
  • DC12V operation voltage to assure enough security.
Experience Smartclima manufactures “Air Conditioner cleaning machine” more than 10years,plentiful experience to assure best system quality!

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How to clean air conditioner unit with High Pressure Cleaning Machine?

Buying Guide to “Air Conditioner High Pressure Cleaning Machine–Luxury type”
  • The machine listed above is available for retail and wholesale;
  • We accept to put your logo onto the machine box if you place order in bulk quantity;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Contact:  [email protected] for more details and prices.

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  1. please can you provide me details of your high pressure cleaner to used on both wall mounted and ceiling cassettes.

    please include cost and delivery of sample machine and covers.

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