Air Conditioner High Pressure Cleaning Machine(All-in-one type)


Sell Air Conditioner High Pressure Cleaning Machine (All-in-one type),an integrated A/C cleaning equipment combine pump and water bucket.Producing high pressure water to flush air conditioner,fins and plastic shells to remove long-years dust and scale which are strongly attached onto the plastic and aluminium fins.Light weight and a complete portable/hand-hold type cleaning device for  air conditioner

Best Feature:An integrated equipment combine pump and water bucket together;Design of buck in bucket. Light weight and portable;Used for voltage 110V-240V;Just by cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils with this machine to get fresh air,and help your cooling system or air conditioner improve the working efficiency by 16%.

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Models and Details for “Air Conditioner High Pressure Cleaning Machine (All-in-one type)”

Air Conditioner High Pressure Cleaning Machine Version2.0 parts

Air Conditioner High Pressure Cleaning Machine(All-in-one type) 954


  • Input Voltage 110V-240V,50Hz;
  • Output Working voltage: DC12V.
  • Power:80W;
  • Flow(Max): 5L/min.
  • Pressure(Max): 0.8Mpa.
  • Outlet pipe: 900cm;
  • With two sprayers for cleaning indoor unit and outdoor unit;
  • Machine box size: 39x33x32cm;
  • Water capacity: 24Liters(Outer bucket) and 12Liter (Inner bucket);
  • Weight:3.2kg

Best Features :

  • Design of integrated pump,the motor wouldn`t be overheat because of water cooling in the bucket;
  • Unique designe of “bucket in bucket” to load clean water and collect grey water when doing cleaning cervice;
  • Unique designe of “Coil pipe” to avoid disorder after store into the bucket,save operation time;
  • Comes with flexible brush to clean back fins of exaporator easily and competely;

Advantage :

√ Light weight and Hand carry;
√ Unique designe of “bucket in bucket”,outer bucket to load clean water,inner bucket to collect grey water;
√ Design of coil pipe to let you arrange pipes into the tool box orderly,no clutter,no need to re-arrange before using;
√ Can Clean coils in condenser and evaporator with efficient way;
√ Design of “All-in-one”,all necessary parts are arranged in one tool box.
√ A must-have tool kit for AC maintenance service company,Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors & HVAC Service Contracts;
√ Can put your logo or company information onto the box.

Application :
Just as its description,this machine is widely used for cleaning/washing ductless air conditioner system,including wall mounted split air conditioner,standing air conditioner and ceiling air conditioner.

Spare Parts List:

1x cleaning machine (with “bucket in bucket”);

1x power switcher (suit for 110V to 240V);

1x high-pressure pipe kit with spraying gun,pipe long 9meter;

1x prolong rod for spraying gun;

2 x washing bag (transparent, 1 small and 1 big).

1 x water baffle film (high 55cm long 200cm).

1x spraying chemical bottle (empty,no liquid).

1x cleaning towel;

1x fins cleaning brush;

1x back fins cleaning brush;


Air Conditioner High Pressure Cleaning Machine(All-in-one type) 169

Air Conditioner High Pressure Cleaning Machine(All-in-one type) 331

Air Conditioner High Pressure Cleaning Machine(All-in-one type) 485

 How to purchase “Air Conditioner High Pressure Cleaning Machine All-in-one type”

  • The machine listed above is available for retail and wholesale;
  • We accept to put your logo onto the machine box if you place order in bulk quantity;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Contact: for more details and prices.

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