Air Conditioner Contactor Coil


Air Conditioner Contactor Coil

Item: Air Conditioner Contactor Coil

1 Pole Contactor Coil 20 Amps 24V, 110V, 220V
1 Pole Contactor Coil 30 Amps 24V, 110V, 220V
1 Pole Contactor Coil 40 Amps 24V, 110V, 220V
2 Pole Contactor Coil 20 Amps 24V, 110V, 220V
2 Pole Contactor Coil 30 Amps 24V, 110V, 220V
2 Pole Contactor Coil 40 Amps 24V, 110V, 220V
3 Pole Contactor Coil 20 Amps 24V, 110V, 220V
3 Pole Contactor Coil 30 Amps 24V, 110V, 220V
3 Pole Contactor Coil 40 Amps 24V, 110V, 220V
3 Pole Contactor Coil 50 Amps 24V, 110V, 220V
3 Pole Contactor Coil 60 Amps 24V, 110V, 220V
3 Pole Contactor Coil 75 Amps 24V, 110V, 220V
3 Pole Contactor Coil 90 Amps 24V, 110V, 220V

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.

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AC Contactor Coil
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General Knowledge on “Contactor Coil”

In electrical engineering, because the quick disconnect AC and DC main circuit and frequently making and high-current control (some typed up to 800 amps) device circuit, so often applied to the motor as the control object can also be used to control plant equipment ﹑ ﹑ heater workhorses and every power units and other electrical loads, contactors can not only be switched on and off the circuit, but also has low voltage release protection. Contactor control large capacity, suitable for frequent operation and remote control. It is one of the important components of the automatic control system. In industrial electrical, the contactor many models, ranging from current 5A-1000A, which is quite extensive use.
AC contactor is opened and closed by the main circuit contacts, with auxiliary contacts to turn the control loop. The main contacts are normally open contacts, and often two pairs of auxiliary contacts normally open contacts and normally closed contacts, the contacts are often small as an intermediate relay with the main circuit. AC contactor contacts made from silver tungsten alloy with good electrical conductivity and high temperature ablative. AC contactor power moves from the AC magnetic field generated by the coil through the core band, electromagnet core consists of two “mountain” shape the young quartet built silicon, one of the fixed iron core, a coil, a variety of operating voltage selection. In order to make the magnetic stability, core plus side pull short-circuit loop. AC contactor after the loss of power, relying on spring return. The other half is the active core, constructed and fixed core to drive the main contacts and auxiliary contacts are closed off. More than 20 amps interrupter contacts plus a cover, using electromagnetic force generated when the circuit is opened, quickly pull off the arc and protect joints. Exposure apparatus can be high frequency operation, when the power is turned on and off as a control, the maximum operating frequency of up to 1,200 times per hour. Contactor life is high, often amounting to millions of mechanical life to ten million times, electrical life in general, compared with hundreds of thousands to several million times.

Technological development
AC contactor production as a whole, appearance and performance is improving, but the function remains unchanged. Whether and to what extent the development of technology, the ordinary AC contactor still has its importance. Air electromagnetic contactor Magnetic contactor (English: Magnetic Contactor) mainly by the contacts system, the electromagnetic actuator system, frame, auxiliary contacts and the shell (or chassis) components. Because the AC magnetic contactor coil generally use AC power supply, after excitation in the contacts, usually say “slightly” high-decibel noise, which is characteristic of electromagnetic contactor. After 80 years, the national research contactor solenoid silent and energy-saving, one basic feasible solution is to step-down after the AC transformer, then by the internal power supply into DC power rectifier, but the complexity of control and rare. Vacuum contactor vacuum contactor contact system is a vacuum chamber degaussing contactor. Semiconductor Contactor semiconductor contactor is a contactor accomplished by changing the current operation circuit loop conductive state and the off state. Permanent magnet permanent magnet AC contactor contacts is the use of magnetic repulsion of the same principle that opposites attract, and the formation of permanent magnet drive mechanism to replace the traditional magnet drive mechanism of a micro-power contacts.

How to check if the contactor coil in air conditioner good or not?

Check the voltage across the coil. If there is voltage but contactor did not pull the contactor,then can know it is damaged; if there is not voltage,then check the circuit board.

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