Air Conditioner condensor evaporator fin Washing Device

It is well know that the fins on your air conditioner `s evaporator/condensor will be more dirty after using a long time.Cleaning your air conditioning fins and filters will ensure an allergy-free, healthier and more breathable environment and a properly functioning air conditioning system. It is necessary to clean your air conditioning monthly or bi-monthly basis to ensure your air conditioning unit is working to its capacity. Air Conditioner condensor evaporator fin Washing Device will be your best choice  to cleaning your air conditioner`s evaporator/condenser.

Air Conditioner condensor evaporator fin Washing Device-Standard device

Air Conditioner condensor evaporator fin Washing Device fin Washing Device2 Air Conditioner condensor evaporator fin Washing Device

Including all accessories showing on aboove photo,includig portable plastic box. Power converter from 220V to 12V. Spray onto Air Conditioner condensor evaporator fin to wash and clean them,then your air conditioner`s cooling effect will be higher and save electrical energy.


longer gun



Air Conditioner condensor evaporator fin Washing Device-Super device

Air Conditioner condensor evaporator fin Washing Device fin-Washing-Device5 fin-Washing-Device6 fin-Washing-Device7 fin-Washing-Device8 fin-Washing-Device9



Pressure  can be freely adjusted from 0 to 4MPa (40 Kg) ;
Flow is 2.7L/min,save water;

Voltage: AC220V 50HZ
Power: 660W (power when the maximum pressure)
Pressure :0-4MPa (40 Kg) freely adjustable within the range
Flow: 162L / h

Product list:
Outlet pipe: 10 m , diameter 15mm
Inlet pipe: 2 m , diameter 20mm
Return pipe: 1.6 m , diameter 12mm
High-pressure water gun: 0.6m or 0.45m (optional length)
Filters: Diameter 125mm
Motor Pump: 230mm long


 Air Conditioner condensor evaporator fin Washing Device-By hand



Operation Instruction:
1),Connect flexible pipe,and put washdetergent into the cylinder;
2),Push Sliding Switch up,and adjust Air Pressure Valve to get the desired pressure,and then spray the washdatergent onto the fins of evaporator or condenser;Wait 2-3 minutes until to let washdatergent decomposite oil or dust which is adhesive onto the surface.
3),Then,put clear water into the cylinder,flush the decomposited oil and dust.
4),Push Sliding Switch down,the high pressured air will blow the water to be dry.Finish.

It is very ok to clean car/trunk air conditioner evaporator.Is good to clear the indoor unit`s corner or other place which other device couldn`t work.

*Need to connect Air Compressor


  1. Patrick Benin

    Please I would to know your price for the condenser evaporator fin was device as well as the pressure super device. I am in Ghana, what are your delivery terms?


  2. woolrich prezzi

    The condenser fins are very dirty,I want to have your fin device to clear it.Where are you? And do you have agent in Barlin?

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