Air Conditioner Cleaning Machines And Tools


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Air Conditioner Cleaning Machines And Tools

Item: Air Conditioner Cleaning Machines And Tools

Short Description:Indoor air quality is very important factor to people`s health.In a representative six-room building, it creats up to 18kgs dust annually because of your everyday living.Our living produces much dangers, dusts, and some chemical materials. These contaminants are drawn into the ducts of heating and cooling system and then recycles 5 to 7 times per day.Therefore,your HVAC system(heating,cooling and ventilation system) is lungs of a building. It takes fresh air into room and then breathes the used air out to the building.The dirty coils or ducts contains a lot of microorganism and bacteria, they are contributing to health issues,it could cause health problems.

Another problem is conecrning for energy consumption.According to National Energy Bureau Department`s data, 35% energy is wasted by heating or cooling system in a home. Contaminants in the HVAC system may cause it to work harder and shorten the service years of HVAC system. Although air filters are adopted, the HVAC system still becomes dirty through daily-life use.

That`s why homeowners decide to investigate on air duct cleaning… …

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Ductless Air Conditioner Cleaning  EquipmentsDuct Air Conditioner Cleaning Equipments
–“Air- Conditioner High Pressure Cleaning Machine”

High Pressure Cleaning Machine For Air Conditioner

Item:High Pressure Cleaning Machine For Air Conditioner

Brief Description: The machine can produce high pressure,and use this high pressure water to flush air conditioner,fins and plastic shells to remove long-years dust and scale which are strongly attached onto the plastic and aluminium fins.Water pressure can be regulated if you want,max. 0.9Mpa,enougth to do with air conditioner cleaning.Light weight and a complete portable/hand-hold type cleaning device for  air conditioner.All parts are in an aluminium box,neat package.Best choice for A/C Cleaning Maintenance,Enjoy fresh air and health!

–“Air- Conditioner High Temperature Cleaning Machine”


Item: High Temperature Cleaning  Steam Machine For Air Conditioner

Short Description: High Temperature Cleaning Machine For Air Conditioner. It is a machine to use high temperature and high pressure steam to spray hot steam onto the fin of air conditioner,and thus to decompose and remove the scaled dirt on the condernser and evaporator.It is a complete 100% safe way to clean air conditioner,no chemical material required.Very good cleaning result and high efficient.As it comes with a soft pipe and gun type sprayer,is very easy to clean small space interior of air conditioner.Widly used for air conditioner maintenance.

–“Air- Conditioner Washing Bags”

Air Conditioner Washing Bags

Item: Air Conditioner Washing Bags

Short Description: Air conditioner washing bags,Cleaning bag for cleaning split air conditioner indoor unit, collecting drain water and dust after washing A/C indoor unit,making the cleaning of AC unit, fan coil unit easy, fast and high efficient..The dust will be covered onto the fins of evapoator,and thus to low working effience and increase electricity energy consumption,and so,you need to wash it every year.Just cover this duct collector onto the indoor unit,and use high pressure water to wash it… …

–“Air -Conditioner Cleaning Detection Instrument”

Air Conditioner Cleaning Detection InstrumentItem: Coil Cleaning Monitor

Short Description: Including “Air Conditioner Interior Inspector” and “Air Speed And Temperature Detection Instrument”.Air Conditioner Interior Inspector is used to check air conditon interior space situation where your eye isn`t able to see it better.From the inspector,you can find the place is clean or dirty,then you can decide if it need to be cleaned or not; Air Speed And Temperature Detection Instrument is always used to test the air speed from air outlet and the temperature in air conditioner roon.Usually,you need to check twice,before and after cleaning ,then you can compare two datas to find the cleaning result.They are good partner for your cleaning service,and a must-have tools when cleaning air conditioner;

Air Speed and Temperature Detection Instrument

Item: Air Speed and Temperature Detection Instrument

Short Description: An  Instrument for detecting Air Speed and Temperature,also name digital anemeter.Just put it at the front of air outlet,then the number of Air Speed and Air Temperature will be shown om the screen.Hand-hold type,is easy to take and easy to operate,power by 9V button battery,take very little power.High accuracy and sensibility.This product is widely used for detect air conditioner air outlet Speed and Temperature.Your best partner for air conditioner maintenance and service.

–“Air -Conditioner Cleaning Auxiliary Tool Kit”


Item:Air Conditioner Cleaning Auxiliary Tool Kit

Short Description: A tool portable box which collect all auxiliary tools for clean split air Conditioner. Arrange all tools into a hand-hold plastic box.The tools includes:two foldable water buckets for hold cleaning water and collect drain grey water;two A/C washing bags,ine is for small air conditioner and the other is for big type;Waist bag to hold tools;two cleaning towels;one furniture cover;ten shoe covers;…The whole package is light weight,neat and tidy,works very efficient.It is a must-have for your air conditioner cleaning machine.

–“Air -Conditioner All-in-one Cleaning Tool Kit”


Item: All-In-One Air Conditioner Cleaning Kit

Brief Description: The equipment for air conditioner cleaning and maintenance,includes the function of cleaning and sterilizing,and includes auxiliary tool kits.The empty tool box is also used as water tank .It is used to water flush,wash and clean air conditioner fan coils,air terminals,air inlet and outlet devices,outdoor unit,including aluminium fins and outdoor shell,can do ductless air conditioner cleaning,and then sterilize.Incorporate high pressure water washing machine,Ozone sterlizing machine,and Cleaning Auxiliary Tool Kit into a tool box.Easy and convenie

–“Duct- Cleaning Robots”


Item: Duct Cleaning Robots

Short Description: The method of robot cleaning means to cleaning air ventilation duct with duct cleaning robot and dust suction machine.In general,the robot is always equiped with monitor,video recorder,rotary brush,controlled with power cord and controller box.Before cleaning duct with robot,you always need to do sealing work with air bags in the duct.Then put the robot in the duct,and connect soft suction pipe onto the other air outlet to do dust suction work.In some robots,it build brush function and suction function into a machine,then you can use a set of machine to finish all duct cleaning work easily.Item: Duct Cleaning Robots

Function:Cleaning Dust,Suction Dust,Finish the ductwork of Brush and Suction for cleaning.

–“Rotary -Brush Duct Cleaning Machine”


Item: Rotary Brush Duct Cleaning Machine

Short Description: The Rotary Brush Duct Cleaning Machine is pushed into the duct,rotary brush and thus loose the dirty and dust;At the same time,suction the loosed dirty into the machine.This equipment is usually to used to clean the round duct which size is small.

Function: Cleaning Dust,Suction Dust,Finish the ductwork of Brush and Suction for cleaning.

–“Flexible- Shaft Duct and Chiller Tube Cleaning Machine”

Flexible shaft cleaning machine

Item: Flexible Shaft Duct and Chiller Tube Cleaning Machine

Short Description: A machine with double functions:cleaning air duct and cleaning chiller tube in refrigeration system.With same machine,just need to changer Flexible Shaft…Shaft long 20meters,brush long 250mm,spread diameter 550mm.Portable and easy to take.

Function:One machine with double function:cleaning air duct and cleaning chiller tube in refrigeration system

— “Duct Medical -Sterilizing Machine”

Duct Medical Sterilizing Machine

Item: Duct Medical Sterilizing Machine

Short Description:  Duct Cleaning Fogger Machine For Disinfecting Air ventilation Ducts.Air Conditioner Ventilation Duct Medical Sterilizing Sprayer,Duct cleaning sterilization machine.It is a device to spray disinfectant or cleaning chemical liquid into air ventilation ducts and pipes,no matter it is rectangle duct or circular/round air pipe,no matter it is large size duct or small pipe even smaller than 10cm.the chemical liquid in the tank is suctioned and then is atomized with the power of strong fan.It is powered by electrical power 220V,portable and easy to take to anywhere if you want.They are usually used in the field of air conditioner cleaning project.

Function:Portable by hand;atomize chemical liquid and be blowed into ventilation duct;

— “Air Duct Monitor,Duct Interior Inspector

Air Conditioner Interior Inspector

Item: Air Duct Monitor,Interior Monitor For Air Conditioner Duct Cleaning

Short Description: It`s a pity if you couldn`t check air conditioner duct interior situation: the user couldn`t find the bad situation before cleaning and couldn`t find the good result after cleaning,and thus they couldn`t compare the difference before and after…Now,with this tool,the pity will be come over.The probe can be push into the deep of air duct,check situation in the screen,anything is clear.Right? Really is a good partner for your air conditioner maintenance  service.

Function: Inspect the situation of inside of ventiditioner duct or coils.

–“All-In-One Duct A/C Coil Cleaning Machine”

All-In-One Duct Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning Machine

Item:All-In-One Duct Air Conditioner Coil Cleaning Machine,for Cleaning Commerical Air Conditioner

Brief Description: The equipment is ususally to wash and clean duct air conditioner fan coils,air terminals,including air inlet and outlet devices,outdoor unit,including aluminium fins and outdoor shell.Incorporate two water bucket,outer one is 80L, to hold clear water,and the inner one is 20L to hold drain grey water.The spraying machine box can be seperated with water bucket.Portable type,easy to take.A chemical bottle is included,used to spray cleaning chemical liquid onto the fins quickly;It can produce and adjust high pressure,and use this high pressure water to flush air conditioner,fins and outer shells to remove long-years dust and scale which are strongly attached onto the plastic and aluminium fins.It is usually to do with many terminal devices,coils and outlets,always used for air conditioner system in hotel,hospital,school,super market,office building,and other public places.Help you to improve your cleaning work effience with this equipment.

Function:Wash duct air conditioner coils,air terminal device,and ourdoor unit;help your cooling system or air conditioner improve the working efficiency by 30%.


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