Air Conditioner Bracket


Air Conditioner Bracket

Also names air conditioner support bracket.It is a metal shelf bracket/fixture to mount or support air conditioner outdoor unit onto the vertical wall or ground,floor during installation.Usually made from carbon steel panel,with plastic powder painting to anti-rust.Sometimes,upon to customer requirement,it can be made from stainless steel,even aluminium panel.The mounting bracket can be connected by welding or by bolts.Supporting split A/C outdoor unit or central air conditioner outdoor unit system.Good performance of anti-rust,strong structure to support big weight,long service life.

Models & Types: See below,accept customized types and dimensions.

Place of origin: China , Sell to worldwide.


Order or Inquiry on “Air Conditioner Bracket


Models & Details for “Air Condition Bracket”


* Material: Carbon steel Panel,angle bracket,stainless steel plate,Aluminium panel plate;
* Surface: Powder painting or galvanized + powder painiting(optional)
* Bracket type: Welded connecting bracket; Bolt connecting bracket;Cantilever mounting bracket;
* Horizontal (wall) Arm length: 400mm,450mm,500mm,550mm,…(optional);
* Vertical Arm Length: 400mm,450mm, 500mm, 550mm,…(optional);
* Thickness: 1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mm.(optional);
* For 9000btu, 12000btu, 18000btu, 24000btu,3000obtu and more of split type air conditioners
* Accessory(Optional): Rubber vibration damper kits; Wall screw kits.
* Loading weight: 1.5mm, 150kgs ; 2.0mm, 200kgs
* Packed wooden case with Euro-pallet, packing size is very easy to be transported.
* Easy to install and for shipment;

You can find the  following brackets in China:

Wall mounted bracket for split air conditioner

welded-bracket MODEL101B air conditioner bracket folded two bolt 101B-2small 101B-3small

air conditioner bracket welded T type (1) air conditioner UAE type SS-wo-bar-smallair conditioner bracket with sliding bar air conditioner bracket with sliding bar (11)

air conditioner bracket with sliding bar (16) air conditioner bracket with sliding bar (20) air conditioner bracket with sliding bar (27) air conditioner bracket with sliding bar (35) air conditioner bracket with sliding bar (41)

air conditioner bracket with sliding bar (47) SAM_5960a1b 101BS03small model-101BS SS-bar-small

No-screw Stainless Steel Air Conditioner Bracket Two-screw Air Conditioner Bracket With Sliding Bar HGbracket (3)

Roof mounted bracket

air conditioner roof bracket (1) roof-bracket-model-C-small HGbracket (1)

Ground or floor standing support

air conditioner ground bracket (2) Air Conditioner Ground Bracket air conditioner ground bracket (4) ground-bracket-type-D HGbracket

HGbracket (4) Bigfoot-support-system-smal Big Foot H Frame Sets Big Foot Multi Foot Big Foot Fix-it Foot

Window air conditioner bracket

window air conditioner brackets

Ceiling hanging bracket

HGbracket (2)

Other type

Air Conditioner Cage1

Installation accessories

Fixing Metal Rawl Bolt Stainless Steel Rawl Bolt Fixing Metal Rawl Bolt

Projecton Bolt ss-bolt1 Anti-thief-screw-kit-for-ai


How to order “Air Conditioning Bracket”?

1),You need to choose models from above article; And quantity you want to order(very important);

2),Then,you need to tell us what size (especially the length of level arm) you need;
Our wirtting is always erect arm X level arm X thickness, i.e 400X500X2mm;
Default thickness is 2mm,expect for that brackets noted thickness already;

3),Let us know what surface process you like,powder painting or galvanized + powder painiting;
Default is steeling painting only;

4),Let us know if you need rubber pad kits and wall screw kit;Default packing doesn`t include rubber
kit and wall screw kit;

5),If you have special package requirement,please let us know.Default packing is: welded bracket will be
packed with wooden case with euro-pallet; Folded bracket will be packed with carton and then packed with

Buying Guide to “Air Conditioning Bracket”

  • The bracket accept bulk order,min. order is 1000sets;
  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or a small quantity,please consider freight into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
  • Accept customized production;
  • More types of  air conditioner brackets are not displayed on the web.If the item above doesn`t meet your requirement,please contact us to email: [email protected] ,we can supply a favourite item you need.

How to manufacture “Air Conditioner Outdoor Bracket ”? (Manufacturing procedures)

It is very important that an air conditioner outdoor unit will be fixed strongly and safely.Good air conditioner bracket should be painted good powder which is especially used outdoor circumstance,and it can protect bracket from rust and ultraviolet rays.At the same time,steel quality is also very important factor,usually,steel must be pressed and then do brackets.A good AC bracket usually has more long service life than air conditioner outdoor unit himself  to assure security.AC bracket made by Smartclima are sorted with welded air conditioner bracket,folded air conditioner for split air conditioner,and also has bracket for ground,roof and ceiling.We are trying to do the best supplier of air conditioners in world.

Facility & Machines to manufacture air conditioner bracket/ How to produce air conditioner bracket(Procedures)

Steel to manufacture Air Conditioner Bracket

Materials for manufacturing air conditioner bracket

Usually,the materials to manufacture air conditioner bracket is steel.Always,SPCC will be first choice because of its good performance to stand weight and anti-rust. Some customers from sea side countries will also like to choose galvanized steel sheet as the material steel to produce Air Conditioner Bracket.According to our many years` experience in the field of steel,we always purchase huge quantity steel when its price is in the low stage.Then we can get more competitive on price.

Steel from steel factory will always in roll state.After we purchase it,we`ll process it in our flat spreading machine.





machine to manufacture Air Conditioner Bracket

Steel sheet flat spreading and automatic cutting

We adope the technology of rolling and drawing to flat steel sheet automatically to manufacture air conditioner bracket,it is controlled by computer,high precision on dimension. Count pieces number automatically.No need other worker to operate it after you put steel panel roll into the roll bar.The material thickness of steel steel for air conditioner bracket are always from 1.2mm to 3mm.Rolls state material  will be spread to flat and then automaticlly cut.Because of mechnical oil is sprayed on the working rolls,so,the surface of steel can be protected well.Then the cuted pieces are ready for next procedures. By this working technology,our working effience can be raised much.Working time to manufacture Air Conditioner Bracket is less than 80% and get more high precision.Especially, workers will be more safe when he is working/operating machine. Now,the machine has been one of our best machines to process steel sheet stamping products.





machine to manufacture Air Conditioner Bracket

Automatical punching on the steel sheet

The machine of automatic punching is put ahead of steel sheet flad spreading machine.The flat steel sheet comes out from spreading machine automatically,and then it is got by automatic machine of punching. The machine of automatic punching is equiped with hole mold/die ,which can be used to punch on the steel sheet.And then automatically droped onto the trolly plat. After collecting a full of cart,the workpieces will be sent to the next procedures ,for forming or for deep-drawing. The machines are controlled by computer,count pieces number automatically,no or less worker to take care of it. The material thickness of steel steel for air conditioner bracket are always from 1.2mm to 3mm. By this working technology,our working effience can be raised much.Working time is less than 80% and get more high precision.Especially, workers will be more safe when he is working/operating machine




Air Conditioner Bracket 1

Steel Sheet Mechanical punching

We owned traditional mechanical punching machines from 10Ton to 250Ton to process various air conditioner bracket with different thickness. Punching is the most effective but cheapest process technology to make holes in metal strip or sheet metal.It is equiped with dies/molds to create multiple shaped holes of different dimension.Punches and dies are usually fabricated from conventional tool steel or carbides. Mold/die is made by ourselves,as we have a workshop to process fabrication of mold/die professionally. The material thickness which can be processed is from 0.5mm to 5mm,and the width can be from 10mm to 1000mm.The matericals which can be process is steel sheet,stainless steel sheet,aluminium sheet,copper sheet.




machine to manufacture Air Conditioner Bracket

Steel sheet forming

Sheet metal forming means the processes of force is applied to a piece of sheet metal to modify its geometry rather than remove any material. The applied force stresses the metal beyond its yield strength, causing the material to plastically deform, but not to fail. The usual machine to do above fabrication mainly is Hydraulic press machine.Our air conditioner bracket are always processed  with Hydraulic press machine, the sheet can be bent or stretched into a variety of complex shapes. At present,we owned 6set of Hydraulic press machine from 100Ton to 315Ton to process air conditioner bracket.






machine to manufacture Air Conditioner Bracket

Auto welding robot to weld air conditioner bracket

Arc Welding Robots applicated to make air conditioner bracket welded: Arc welding utilizes an electric arc between an electrode and a metal base using either consumable or non consumable electrodes. A welding robot is commonly found in steel product and automovile manufacturing.

An arc welding robot uses a process which applies intense heat to metal at a joint, causing the metal to melt and intermix. Robot welding has several benefits, including improved weld consistency, decreased cycle times, and enhanced efficiency.

Our welding robod`s brand is Panasonic,which is from Japan.Good quality without trouble to serve continous 7 days.We use welding robot to weld air conditioner bracket with good quality.





Air Conditioner Bracket 3

Chemical process and Automatic powder painting

After workpieces are deep-drawing formed or welding,it is necessary to  do chemical phosphate on air conditioner bracket(metal piece).Chemical phosphate is a very important procedure,it is direct related to next procedure:powder painting.Chemical phosphate quality depends on worker`s experience.

After phosphate on metalpieces of air conditioner bracket,we need to do powder painting.It is processed in automatic painting line system in order to process huge quantity of brackets.After painting,all workpieces will be walking in line-oven with oven temperature  185-220 degree with more than 10 minutes.And finally,a complete  physic air conditioner bracket is finished. Then,it`ll be moved to final procedure:assemble and packing.





Weight loading test & Chemical performance test

Weight loading is tested by puting iton block one by one,every iron block weight 35kgs.Usually,we`ll put 200kgs to check bracket situation.For every new model,we`ll do this test.The bracket will be tested with this weight to during three years.

Chemical test is done with standard og SGS.In the factory,we`ll test it in the salt&acid enviroment to check its rust situation. Our bracket are tested and got SGS certificate.


Packing Air Conditioner Bracket

Assemble and Pack air conditioner bracket

After get complete physic air conditioner bracket pieces,it`s time to assemble them.For welded barcket,it is no need to do assemble,it can move to packing directly.For bracket linked by bold and screw,it is necessary to assemble them.Usually,it`ll be linked by one bolt,and if there are more bolts to link,we`ll put other bolts in the package for customer/user to assemble them in order to easy packing and delivery.

Finally,it`ll move into packing stage.For welded air conditioner bracket,it`ll packed in a plastic film bag,and then put into the wooden case with euro-pallet,according to different size and model,one pallet will be put quantity from 150pairs to 250pairs.For folded bracket,it`ll be packed in a carton,and then will be put in wooden case with euro-pallet.At last,the pallet will be fasterned by packing belt for delivery.


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47 Inquires to Air Conditioner Bracket

  1. Hello,Its my first time communicating with you.I checked your website , and i saw that you produce different kind of A/C brackets.I`m m interested for AC BRACKET Model 101 .
    I am interested for conditioner 9 X 12 BTU and 18 X 24 BTU with thickness of metal 2 mm painted by furnace.
    The quantity will be for 1 container 20 ” each month (8200 pairs brackets ) 9 X 12 BTU and (3500 pairs brackets ) 18 X 24 BTU. Please send your prices for each option. Their packing picture .
    Packing = 10 pairs/box .each box must be putted in pallets.
    Could you send picture for each machinery for production of this products ?
    My target is to collaborate for long period with you. but to be realized this, the correctness must be from both sides. I have nearly 15 years that i work in this business. I know the prices of different companies in China. If your prices will be convenient i promise collaboration.

  2. Dear Sir,We would like to introduce ourselves as a leading distributor of various household appliances of high quality and world class brands especially for Air conditioner units here in the Doha, State of Qatar for more than 30 years.

    As we check site, we found that your esteemed company is one of the leading manufacturer of AIR-CONDITIONER BRACKET in China. We are currently looking for supplier of AC bracket for our out-door/condenser units. In this regard, we would like to invite your company to send us your best price (1×20’ container) and best delivery time for the above mentioned item along with your catalogue for our perusal.

    Your immediate and best attention to the said matter is highly appreciated and we look forward to a fruitful business relationship with you in the near future.

  3. I needed a price list of ac bracket with full details like shape, size, weight, rate, colour, etc.
    Send me a mail asap and best rate.
    We are the one of the most leading company of India.

    Thanks & Regards,

  4. Sir,

    please send me a price list for L type model SS-01, SS-02.we need only brackets.
    A (mm ) B(mm)
    38KCR309G 685X430 X260 460 276 170 SETS
    38KCR312G 780X540X 250 549 276 84 SETS
    38KCR318G 760X590X285 530 290 169 SETS
    38KCR324G 845X695X335 560 335 84 SETS
    38FN 036G 990x966x354 6 sets

  5. We need wall & ground brackets for split A/C and copper fittings. We need a lot and We will send you a formal inquiry upon your reply.Regards.

  6. I have a bracket made from aluminium for ac outdoor unit,with welding connect.Could you copy it?will need 5000pairs. Wait for your quick reply as I need to place order as soon as possible.

  7. Hubby and I put our mobile a/c unit up on concrete block so the vent hose isn’t so far far from the window (it’s secured down well).Which type bracket can I use?

    • Dear Hubby,pls check our type–window air conditioner bracket which is made from aluminium and has a good design to meet your requirement.

  8. I live on the 2nd floor of a house building. My window moves delegated right. I would such as to put the ac unit on the window ledge on top of some type of a tray that has brackets both on the outdoors and inside of the window, for support so it won’t fall outside the window. Of course, I will have to get a piece of plywood cut to fit the opening above the a/c and will seal all around with duct tape. At some point ago, my son had a window air conditioner for his second floor of his house and it actually featured the tray and brackets for this function. He offered your house and left the a/c and now doesn’t keep in mind where he got it. The tray with brackets looks like such an easy idea – surely you can purchase this kit someplace ?! My son didn’t even have to make use of screws or anything – the brackets (2 on outside and 2 on inside) had rubber cups on completions and they just tightened up to the wall to hold the tray firmly and steady. Empower! Any ideas? Thanks to any person who addresses!
    Well, I already have the a/c and do not actually want to purchase another one. I want to make this one work for me. I understand there is such as thing as what I am wanting, so just want people who have actually seen it in the establishment to let me know where they saw it – without my needing to get a new a/c, as well.

  9. Because traditional a/c bracket is easy to become rust.Does your bracket have any way to improve its anti-rust performance?mI need to buy high quality brackets with mass quantity ,please help.

    • It depends on your choice.We have three choices for you.One is made from steel panel and then powder painting.The second choice is electric galvanizie first,and then powder paitning;The best is made from stainless steel panel,of course ,it is most expensive.Usually,the first choice can meet most of users. The users from seaside usually choose the bracket with electric galvanized+powder painting.

  10. I am need for this mete riyal, Air conditioner out door unit mounting bracket 50 Nos .please send the price detail

  11. Good morning. Kindly forward your price for 1000 brackets for Ac units from 9 to 30 btu of the following model
    Air Conditioner Bracket Welded Connecting L Type A Model 103

    1000 sets

  12. hello,we need to purchase air conditioner bracket model 103 for 9000-18000BTU A/C unit,1×20″ container,could you quote to us?and what`s delivery date?

    • Dear Sir,all our a/c brackets welded type is made by automatic welding robot and has very good quality.Hope you`ll like it.

  13. Can we have a price for 5000sets of “Air Conditioner Bracket Folded One Bolt Connecting-Model ACB101B”? We are in Australia and please include when quote.What`s the package?We need single carton packing and include all installation accessory.Pls contact me by email to discuss more.Thank you.

  14. hello im wondering the price on the roof air conditioner bracket model 128 .im in ontario .also like a large quanity price.

  15. hi sir
    I am doing business of AC SPARE PARTS in UAE. So please send me your brackets list with price .I am interested to do business with you.

  16. I am from Albania,and I`m responsible for the business of air conditioner parts. One of the products we import ofter are air conditioner bracket to install outdoor unit As you are a bracket products manufacturer,and I found you have many types bracket. If so I would very much appreciate to import products from your company.Could you send me a complete catelogue? Thank you.

    • Hello,we put all types and all information on the web.You can check here.We don`t have a complete catelogue.Sorry…

  17. Dear Liky,

    This is Cheney Chen. Our company’s been in HVAC business and we sell AC equipments and ACR parts to Latin America. I am interested in your bracket for AC application, please find our product specs then quote me your best USD prices based on container load, thanks!


    Please specify the material you use and the thickness of the material.

    Best regards!

  18. Hello my friends,

    Please send the list prices for air conditioner bracket Model 103,Model ACB101B,Model 109,and Model 128,for 9000-18000BTU AC outdoor unit.
    Please tell me the shipping price to Valencia,Spain,for 20 inch container. Please tell me how many sets go in a 20 inch container.

    Thank you and best regards, Miguel

  19. Pls quote us all Models of air conditioner bracket which you have.Especially we are interested in your brackets with sliding bar.Pls contact us.

    Селезнев Владимир Владимирович

  20. I have a house and I want to install AC outdoor unit onto the declining roof. Safe is my first consideration factor. Could you recommend supporting bracket? Thank you.

  21. Hello, I’m From Malaysia. I’m looking air conditioner bracket like Model 110D, size 300mm X 450mm X 2mm.500 – 1000 units per months.

    • Dear Sir,Thank you for your inquiry on our AC bracket. Our salesman will contact you immediately.

  22. Dear Smartclima,
    We are a South Africa company to sell products of installation for Air conditioning, ventilation or refrigeration.We have huge sale network to sell HVAC products in South Africa market. At present,we want to import 3×20″ container of mount bracket for split air conditioner installation.We hope to have opportunity to do business with you.
    Best regards

  23. hello,whats stainless steel do you use when you manufacture stainless steel ac bracket?i brought 500sets ss bracket from a china factory in june,but they seems not good.the salesman said that is made from brand 201.my god!as you know,201 isnotgoodquality.we need it madefrom ss 304.

    • Miguel,we use stainless steel #304 to produce air conditioner bracket. Don`t suggest to use stainless steel #201 for outdoor circumstance.

  24. dear,im from argentina,i have a window air conditioner bracket and want
    a strong bracket to support.my unit dimension is 600mmx500x400.could you recommend a suitable braclet?

  25. What is risk when install Air conditioning bracket for outdoor unit? How should we do if we want to achieve the effect of anti-rust?

    • The bracket for outdoor unit is always processed by the special treatment, the metal surface is galvanized, and then painted,sometimes,they are made from stainless steel.Usually,it can support the weight of 6 times weight of air conditioner itself, it is proposed according to the provisions in accordance with the bracket model air conditioner.Its general life is 10-15 years, special circumstances may cause premature corrosion damage, so you need to pay attention for regular checks. The above refers to the brand manufacturers standard air conditioning bracket! For reference!

  26. I brought air conditioner bracket from your company with 3000pairs last year.And now,my stock run out.I want to
    order again. The previous quality seems very good. I live in Italy,many customers repeat order to us.Because of quality of AC bracket,people think that our products from my company are also good quality. Thank you,Smartclima,thanks fo for your to provide so good brackets.

    • Gread news!We are very happy to know you are sucessful in your business and are happy to accept your new orders. Pls contact previous person in Smartclima to place new order,we`ll give you a small gift as regular customer.Thanks!

  27. Hello,I`m from Spain. I want to import air conditioner bracket from China. My favourite type is Welded,and size should be 400×400,500×450,500x500MM.I need a 20″ container.Pls recommend.Thank you.

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