Air Conditioner Bracket Welded L Type


Air Conditioner Bracket Welded L Type  is line welded to be L type.It comply with standards of international air conditioner installation.Used to mount outdoor unit onto the wall.

These brackets are connected by line welding.
Made by pressed cold steel.
Spayed with plastic powder which has good performance in outdoor bad weather.It can protect brackets from rust with long years.
Package:one set with one plastic,and many brackets are packed into the wooden case.
These air conditioner brackets are made by auot-welding robot,the quality is better than that welded by hand.

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air conditioner bracket welded L type

Nice looking,L type,popular in Spain and Italy market.

After install viberation damper,it can absorb viberation when air conditioner working,which help air conditioner bracket stand steady and quiet,therefore,it isn`t easy to loose on the wall.Also,it prolong service years of air conditioners.

This bracket is welded connecting. Line welded.Surface are processed with plastic powder especially for outdoor circumstance.It protect bracket from rust with very long years,can arrive at same service year with air conditioner outdoor unit.

(Size can be customized)

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  • Edward Crockford

    Hi, could you send me more info regarding air conditioner brackets?
    Also could you send prices,order quantities and export to Malta (Europe)

    Thanks and look forward to your email.



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