Split Air conditioner anti-direct blowing windshield retractable wind deflector


Are you looking for good air deflector with good price? Yes,you are in right place!

  • [Materials & Quality] Made of high quality ABS plastice superior anti-corrosive properties, suitable for use in wet environments, can be used  on split air conditioner for guiding air blowing direction.
  • [Models & Sizes] length 66-115cm,adjustable.
  • [Color ] white
  • [Functions & Application] Designed for wall-mounted air conditioner to change air blowing direction.
  • [Installation mode]Non-stick,just hange the kit onto the indoor unit,that`s all.
  • Place of origin: Supplied by China Manfacturer directly, Made in China, can export to worldwide.
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installed on wall mount ac system

can be changed direction freely

can be changed down and up length freely

angle adjustment handle details

accessories in a set

installation procedures

a small tips when install the deflector

Frequently Asked questions

01,Will the installation of the wind deflector affect the use of remote control for air conditioning, refrigeration?
Answer: The wind deflector will not affect the remote control after the angle is adjusted appropriately,It will not have an impact.

02,What air conditioners are suitable?
Answer: Except for the solitary shape on the side, it is suitable for all air conditioner. (the solitary shape refers to the length and space against the wall,The length difference between the front of the adjustment is too large).

03,The installation environment of the wind deflector?
Answer: The installation conditions of the wind deflector require more than 6cm of space on both sides and more than 2cm above the air conditioner. There is more than 15cm under the air conditioner. There is a gap of about 2cm between the top of the air conditioner and the wall (if not,You can try to lift the air conditioner up a little bit, and then open some gaps in the outer volume).

04,Do I need to punch holes or nail nails for the installation of the wind deflector?
Answer: There is no need to punch holes for the installation of the wind deflector.

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  • The place of origin is in China,when you buy one or two,please consider freight(by air or by sea) into the cost;
  • Accept bulk order with Container delivery;
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