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AEL series bypass valve (also names:constant pressure automatic expansion valve)

Product Description Product introduction

The AEL type bypass valve is used for system energy regulation in a refrigeration compressor unit that does not have an energy unloading mechanism.

The AEL type bypass valve can be used as a constant pressure expansion valve to maintain a stable evaporation pressure (temperature).

The AEL type bypass valve prevents the suction pressure of the refrigeration compressor unit from falling below its minimum limit.

Welding with ODF copper tube interface

Safe working pressure is 28bar

Features Features

The main function of the AEL type bypass valve is that when the outlet pressure of the valve changes, the valve automatically adjusts to close or open, keeping the outlet pressure constant at the set value, and is not affected by the inlet pressure (a certain range).

AEL type bypass valve as a function of automatic constant pressure expansion valve

AEL used as expansion valve under the fixed pressure

If the inlet of the bypass valve is connected to the condensing pressure, the outlet of the valve is connected to the inlet of the evaporator, that is, the installation position of the normal thermal expansion valve. In the case of such installation adjustment, since the evaporation pressure is high, At this time, the bypass valve is in a closed state. When the power is turned on, the evaporation pressure gradually decreases with the operation of the compressor. When the pressure is reduced below the set value, the bypass valve is automatically opened, and the refrigerant fluid passes through the valve. The effect enters the evaporator. After the evaporator absorbs heat, the evaporation pressure will increase and the valve will tend to close. At this time, the evaporation pressure is reduced due to the operation of the compressor, and the valve is in the open state. During the whole operation, the valve In dynamic balance, keep the evaporation pressure around the setting value. The magnitude of the fluctuation of the evaporation pressure is related to the capacity of the valve, and is not affected by the change of the condensation pressure (or ambient temperature), and the evaporation pressure is stable.

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General Knowledge on “AEL Hot gas bypass valve”

1. Definition of hot gas bypass

Hot Gas Bypass: A hot gas bypass valve is a mechanical device that uses the balance principle of refrigerant pressure and spring force to control valve inlet/outlet pressure. The energy regulated hot gas bypass valve provides a means to maintain the system to operate at a given minimum suction pressure by bypassing the high pressure refrigerant to the low pressure side of the system. The thermal bypass valve has two forms: internal balance and external balance.

2, the role and advantages of hot gas bypass,main function:

1. provides a virtual load;

2. coil defrosting;

3. use the evaporator as a mixing chamber.

3, The main advantage:

1 to prevent compressor short circuit;

2 to prevent the compressor from working under very low suction pressure;

3 to prevent the evaporator from freezing when the load is low;

4 to minimize system components;

5 very good oil return performance.

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