Category: Air Flow Guider for air conditioner

Summary: air conditioner air baffle,AC reflector,air wing air diverter ,can install it onto spliat and cassette air conditioner.it help to overcome the problem of cold/warm air directly blowing or breezing onto somebody.It is for wall mounted split air conditioner, ceiling cassette air conditioner, windows or cupboards AC.New design,new model,more elegant,permit to extend length from 50cm to 74cm to accommodate different length of air conditioner,better to guide air! It is an revolutionly design that utilize a plastic baffle/deflector to control airflow or guide air direction to well-distributed in the room evenly,and therefore guide airflow to distribute cooling air or heating air more peacefully,avoid direct cold air to breeze onto some people. After install air baffle,can save electricity consumption about 10%. The air wing is made from Plastic ABS which can prevent condensation water.Easy and quick installation,nice-looking.It can be used on ceiling air conditioner,wall mounted split air conditioner and ground standing air condition,and ceiling cassette air conditioner, windows or cupboards air condition.Overcome the risk of disease or uncomfortable in air conditioning room.

Smartclima can supply the following Air Flow Guider:

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