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Summary: The maintenance of the air conditioning filter is very important for the air conditioning unit, because it directly affects the cleanliness of the indoor air, so the daily maintenance of the air conditioning filter is a key part of the maintenance of the central air conditioning unit.
Air conditioning filter maintenance method:
1. For initial and medium-efficiency air conditioning filters, we should do at least once a month. If there is more dust, shorten the cleaning cycle. The high-efficiency air conditioning filter should be replaced in time according to the cleaning requirements.
2. When cleaning the air conditioning filter, you should use warm water below 40 degrees. You can’t use it when cleaning. When the air filter is dirty, we can use neutral detergent for decontamination. If the air filter is not dirty. We can wash directly with water spray.
3. After the air conditioner filter is cleaned, the water above is not fully dried, and then placed in the central air conditioning unit. When installing the air filter, pay attention to the air flow surface on the filter, and follow the strict Correct installation is required

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